I've written about the evolution of the signature size in Bitcoin over the years.

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@0xb10c "When this changed in the OpenSSL library, it caused a chain-split where nodes with a newer OpenSSL version split from nodes using an older version of the library."

AFAIK, there was no actual chain split, just the potential for a chain split discovered by sipa and prevented by the adoption of BIP66. See:

Also AFAIK, OpenSSL encoding wasn't changed until after BIP66 adoption.

(The rest of the article was great, thanks for writing it!)

@harding Thanks for the feedback @harding! Really appreciate any feedback I can get.

BIP66 mentions that some nodes rejected the chain after an OpenSSL upgrade: "When this changed in OpenSSL 1.0.0p and 1.0.1k, it made some nodes reject the chain.". I wasn't around at the time, though.

This mentions that e.g. self-compiled versions were affected, but not the official releases.

I'm clarifying this in the article.

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