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I'm curious, this OFAC list of Bitcoin addresses should be publicly available, right? I only found the two addresses mentioned here:


I could imagine something that, in it's basic form, diffs the getblocktemplate output with the actual blocks to see which transactions are missing.

@0xb10c @Raindogdance @harding @jon as far as I understand, the list must be public, just because OFAC sanctions aren't just for financial institutions, but for every US resident. If you, as a person or a business, will interact financially with an OFAC sanctioned entity, you're subject to consequences.


@akhavr @Raindogdance @harding @jon Did a bit more research on this. There is an XML document which contains all sanctions.

I wrote a quick tool that extracts the Bitcoin (and altcoin) addresses into text/json file: github.com/0xB10C/ofac-sanctio

Bonus: automatically updated text/json lists pushed into a separate branch: github.com/0xB10C/ofac-sanctio

Started to build something that diffs getblocktemplate and blocks looking for transactions not in the block and argument that with these addresses.

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