Ran full-IBD benchmarks for PR #20827.

Measured a ~4% IBD speed-up with -prune=550 and default dbcache and a whooping 17.4% (!!) speed-up using -prune=8800 and -dbcache=4000.

Full results:

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All pools that mined ten or more blocks since taproot activation have now included at least one P2TR spend.

And block connection timings during IBD and data about validated blocks/second, transactions/second, inputs/second, and sigops/second.


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While limited by the three trancepoints added in #22006, it is already showing real time P2P message count and traffic per message type.


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I was surprised to learn that there are only 20 key-path and 5 script-path spends of P2TR outputs on SigNet yet. Had assumed more people played around with taproot on SigNet.

Maybe it's to early for e.g. wallets to be testing this or they test on regtest.

Quiz: Which Bitcoin Core data-structure does this visualization show?

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