We have been working on making reorgs on SigNet a reality and are looking for feedback on approach and parameters. If you want to test the reorg handling of your app, please let us know!


@michaelfolkson Yes, debugging is definitely one of the USDT applications. Also developers can be use the tracepoints to evaluate/review changes like I do with the erlay vs master nodes dashboard. Or for general monitoring, anomaly detection, benchmarking, and testing.

Additionally, I think 'tracing' via USDT and debugging are two very different things. You can use tracing via USDT as part of the search for a bug, but you can't replace debugging with tracing.

Sometimes debugging, as in stepping through code and looking at state with e.g. GDB, is something you do manually.

The tracing done with USDT allows you to use internal state programatically. You can automatically react to some state.

@michaelfolkson I'm not sure if I'd see reading "BPF Performance Tools" as a requirement. The tools are very specific for tracepoints in the Linux kernel. We don't use any of these tools or tracepoints.

We just implement our own tracepoints in our userspace application (Bitcoin Core) and write custom scripts to get insights into the parts we find important.

@michaelfolkson Yes! I've been thinking about some kind of USDT workshop for CoreDev too.

A Socratic might be better once we have more tracepoints merged and people building tools/using the tracepoints? Maybe sometime between CoreDev and 23.0. release?

I've summarized my work on Userspace, Statically Defined Tracing support for Bitcoin Core in my Coinbase grant half-time report.


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[bitcoin] Merged PR from 0xB10C: tracing: first tracepoints and documentation on User-Space, Statically Defined Tracing (USDT) github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pul

If future tracepoints for e.g. peer dis / connections, addrman, UTXO set changes, etc get merged, this might be an alternative to
's Statoshi.info which requires a rebase on each Bitcoin Core release. I'd also argue that the bitcoind-observer setup is easier.

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And block connection timings during IBD and data about validated blocks/second, transactions/second, inputs/second, and sigops/second.


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While limited by the three trancepoints added in #22006, it is already showing real time P2P message count and traffic per message type.


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I build an experimental Bitcoin Core Prometheus metrics exporter based on the eBPF and USDT tracepoints I add in PR #22006 (github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pul).


Grafana demo available on bitcoind.observer

@michaelfolkson you might find this interesting

Couldn't really talk about it on Tuesday as everything was still in limbo 😬

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RT @0xb10c
We donated 4 of the 6 existing mainnet Pay-to-Taproot outputs (currently anyone-can-spend) to @bitcoinbrink.

Thank you @f2pool_official and @satofishi for including the non-standard transaction in a block!🐟


We donated 4 of the 6 existing mainnet Pay-to-Taproot outputs (currently anyone-can-spend) to brink.dev.

Thank you f2pool.com and @satofishi for including the non-standard transaction in a block!


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Discussing the roll out of Taproot at next week's online Socratic Seminar. Would be great to have you there @0xb10c :) meetup.com/BitDevsLDN/events/2

@harding @jb55

YIL about git add -p
TIL about git crecord

Thank you both! ❤️

I was surprised to learn that there are only 20 key-path and 5 script-path spends of P2TR outputs on SigNet yet. Had assumed more people played around with taproot on SigNet.

Maybe it's to early for e.g. wallets to be testing this or they test on regtest.

@michaelfolkson thank you for asking (and answering or archiving answers to) all these questions on bitcoin.stackexchange.com

super helpful

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