Bitcoin Core 0.18.0 release candidate 2 is available for testing

Preliminary release notes for the release can be found here:

An issue has been opened on github to report experiences while testing:

If you run a Bitcoin node, Gregory Maxwell just released a major banlist update, adding large blocks of tarpits/spynodes that were missed before.
- CLI:
- GUI:

Another interesting story from Reuters:

"O’Rourke wasn't just a random hacker ... As a teen, he also belonged to the notorious and wildly influential Cult of the Dead Cow"
" burst onto the national scene as the biggest exemplar of hacker culture in 1998, at Def Con, when the group released Back Orifice"
"The group released a more sophisticated version, forcing to get serious about security."

See also (=article author )

I don't like that privacy can be used as a differentiating feature in an ad, but I'm still glad Apple made it.

Hopefully more people will now realize that privacy is for everyone and not just for people doing nefarious things or who 'have something to hide'.

Outage on FB/Instagram/etc and everyone posting

It's happening! 😂

Want to compile Bitcoin Core from source on Linux Debian and run the tests? Here's a quick how-to.

cool, TIL there's going to be a new revision of the HiFive1 RISC-V board w/ built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #37 is out. Now is the time to test the new release candidate Bitcoin Core 0.18.0 RC1.

“CBP is solving a security challenge by adding a convenience for travelers”

That's better marketing.

h/t :birdsite: ChristopherA

This one is good too:
“By partnering with airports and airlines to provide a secure stand-alone system that works quickly and reliably, which they will integrate into their boarding process, CBP does not have to rebuild everything from the ground up as *we drive innovation across the travel experience*.”
(emphasis mine)


IANAL and (therefor) I don't know whether to agree with it or not, but it brings up interesting points.

The amount of times 'Blue Oak' is mentioned makes me a bit nervous though.

It's not listed on nor could I find any relevant links when combined with 'DFSG'. The license appears to be only a few days old, so hopefully that'll change.

h/t :birdsite: nixcraft

On a more positive note, I really like this series by Kashmir Hill for gizmodo and especially this episode in which she blocked all the Big Five companies:

What I really like about this episode is that she discovered that not using the tech constantly had some positive, unexpected, turns.
And she also made some lasting changes because of it. Using tech more as a tool instead of being lived by it.

I wonder if people took it more slowly/gradually, they might do the same?

On you can see a whole lot of feel-good videos made by Ring's products.

Great marketing.

It also shows you in various posts how much of the neighborhood is being monitored. Constantly.
And cameras which watch the inside of people's house.

I thought Amazon's Echo/Alexa was bad...

To quote :birdsite: escottkey1

"I'm making the point that surrendering your privacy to corporate surveillance devices isn't being treated as seriously as it should be."

I wonder what you can do if you would combine Rekognition with Ring products ...

Wonder no more. Amazon has already filed a patent which combines those 2 technologies.

"Amazon is dreaming of a dangerous future, with its technology at the center of a massive decentralized surveillance network, running real-time facial recognition on members of the public using cameras installed in people’s doorbells."

Given the 3rd party doctrine, this is scary as hell 😮

"Not only does this portal allow police to view Ring customers on a handy, Google-powered map, but it also makes requesting customer surveillance video a matter of several clicks."

"Police can select the homes they’re interested in, and Ring takes it from there, creating an auto-generated form letter that prompts users to provide access to their footage."

Technically, you can deny that request ...

“the portal blurs the line between corporate and government surveillance”

“The Neighbors App is the new neighborhood watch that brings your community together to help create safer neighborhoods”

That's better marketing for you.

"A Ring video that appears to have been produced for police reveals that the company has gone out of its way to build a bespoke portal for law enforcement officers who want access to the enormous volume of residential surveillance footage generated by customers’ cameras."

This site is called the Ring Neighborhoods Portal

Ring CEO Jamie Siminoff emailed out the company’s new mission:
use consumer electronics to fight crime.
“We are going to war with anyone that wants to harm a neighborhood”

Ring is a company now owned by Amazon.

"Ring products come with access to a social app called Neighbors that allows customers to not just to keep tabs on their own property, but also to share information about suspicious-looking individuals and alleged criminality with the rest of the block."

Ah, I missed a key adjective 'base' (unit).

A lot of people, including me, have problems with correctly interpreting the amount of zeros behind the decimal point and thus expressing it in sats makes it more accessible, which in turn makes it more likely people transfer the correct amount instead of 10 times as much (f.e.).
So in that light, I do think using satoshis adds value.
That doesn't mean I'd want to base to change.

(That argument was the only part that made sense to me with BIP176)

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