Just watched a segment on DN! about Uber drivers going on strike (ahead of their IPO)

What I don't get is why would anyone ever want to work for Uber/Lift/etc? Their whole business model is 100% targeted at complete exploitation of their drivers. A driver makes $10/h while his costs is also $10/h. And Uber is clear about further driving down the workers income.

It is so clear to me that I'm having a hard time understanding anyone not seeing that.

(tbc: I'm not defending Uber/etc at all)

@orionwl there is now a u-boot-sifive package in Debian experimental and also 'opensbi' (RISC-V Open Source Supervisor Binary Interface).

Maintainer of opensbi and u-boot also did a presentation wrt RISC-V in Debian: archive.org/details/latch_2019

There is now also a section "Setting up a riscv64 virtual machine with u-boot and opensbi" added on wiki.debian.org/RISC-V (and some other updates)

There's also reasonable activity on -riscv (OFTC)

PSA: Stop labelling people interested in OPSEC and privacy as "paranoid". Paranoia is a mental illness, heavily influenced by fear, that makes someone believe they're under constant threat even when there is no evidence for thinking so.

Being careful about your online identity, privacy, taking care of your passwords, and using second factor authentication is not paranoia. It's common sense.

There are malicious actors who want to get their hands on as much information as possible. This is fact.

Amazing episode of DemocracyNow: democracynow.org/shows/2019/5/
Ilan Oman is one powerful and smart lady :-O

If you want to download episodes of DN, this address works well for me:
publish.dvlabs.com/democracyno (mo-fr)

Firefox cert expired, disabling all the addons is fixed in firefox 66.0.4 (sid) and firefox-esr 60.6.2 (buster, stretch and jessie)

It's easy to be cocky on Twitter today, but do you think people like this guy will still play smartass when his local police officer will come ringing his door requesting him to turn off his node and turn over his bitcoin holdings? or even worse, just swat the shit out of him and throw him in jail?
Shit like this literally happened dozens of time before, I'm a bit concerned that some bitcoiners keep repeating that no one can stop bitcoin forgetting that THEY can be stopped in a bat of an eye

If you get a message in Firefox telling you that (most) your extensions are disabled, do NOT uninstall them as it seems to be an issue on Firefox's side. Mozilla is working on a quick fix

According to octodon.social/@joeyh/10203918 it is caused by an expired certificate.

Article by Mozilla about this issue (which is mostly useless):

Pretty annoying that FF just disables extensions without asking and without giving me a way to override it (that I know of).

I really have to congratulate Rene Pickhardt on the quality of educational videos like this (this one on htlcs via onion routing), great effort!


RT @AnandWrites@twitter.com

This is the ideology of our age captured in a single tweet.

Systemic problems recast as individual problems. Corporate greed recast as personal failure. A bank claiming to "motivate" its customers by mocking them for structural economic problems the bank is complicit in causing.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/AnandWrites/status

There's a basic concept wrt Bitcoin and privacy:
Don't combine UTXOs into a tx because that links them and is therefor bad for privacy.

I understand that in theory, but I don't understand how you can practically realize that.

For my next tx I can select a UTXO which is larger then the amount to spend. Fine.
But over time, that'll leave me with only small UTXOs and then at some point I have to combine that, ruining everything.

Is my statement correct?
How can it work *practically*?


Good article :)
It doesn't contain anything I didn't know, but I'm glad NYT brings it to a wider audience, which I think is sorely needed.

The other article from that series I've read was good too (about Google location data) and the other headlines look promising.

You've all heard that it is now possible to buy a #FreedomBox from @olimex. But what if you want to test FreedomBox on a VM before buying?

Good news: a journalist has written excellent instructions for this.

READ: "How to run FreedomBox as a VirtualBox VM"

It should come as a surprise to no one, but it's now more or less official: The US wants to convict Julian for doing journalism (and embarrassing the US in the process).


"the US Attorney’s Office is also investigating him for „obtaining and disseminating secret information“, punishable by death."
(this is ofc not part of the extradition request as it should then be denied)

h/t :birdsite: J9Roem

Do not use centralized hardware wallet software. Use @wasabiwallet@twitter.com or @ElectrumWallet@twitter.com backed by your own Electrum server.

"Internet freedom is in decline around the world, and being part of a force for good that allows people to have private access to the open Web is hugely important to me. Millions of people around the world rely on Tor Browser and onion services for private and secure communication in their day-to-day lives." - Steph, communications director of the Tor Project internethealthreport.org/2019/

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