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On :birdsite: @SamHarrisOrg said:
"Welcome to the panopticon...
China becomes an episode of Black Mirror"
and shared this article:

to which my response was:
"Give it 5-10 years, then we'll have it too, but with better marketing, but effectively similar.
IIRC Eindhoven has a system (in pilot?) 'similar' as shown in the head picture (Person of Interest style) ... for a snitch city project. Fighting crime and/or terrorism will be used too"

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NYT made a visualization of the above (but they forgot to add Rekognition into the mix):

I like their title:
"It's time to panic about privacy"

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Great ~3 minute video which explains nicely why I focus so much on as it shows the dangers of .
Viewpoint_ ‘We’re living in an age of surveillance capitalism’ _ BBC Ideas


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Kernel developers have announced a new device file, /dev/stupidity. It is much faster than /dev/urandom, has an order of magnitude more entropy, works universally, but doesn't run out of data like /dev/random does. The only downside is it requires Internet access.

Zoom meetings aren’t actually end-to-end encrypted, despite misleading marketing on their website, in their security white paper, and in the user interface in their app by @yaelwrites and myself

Docker rant 

Found on :birdsite:
"I have had elderly customers complain about not being able to get Fox 'News' but all other channels work fine. That's because their children and grandchildren uses parental control to block it"

😂 😂 😂

This also means that the number of confirmed cases in .nl is completely meaningless.
Only people with severe symptoms are being tested.
Thus the number of infected people could be 10 or 100 times higher. We simply have no clue.


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The dangers of :

In the Netherlands we can't do enough tests because near (80% market share) can't deliver enough fluids for the test.
One can't replace the fluids with something else because that (likely) won't work as you need various parts for the testing machines to work.

UMCG (Groningen) can do lots of tests because they bought machines from different vendors.

Regarding Jitsi Meet servers:
There is a recent trend to use Jitsi Meet, a JavaScript WebRTC application, for videoconferencing.

Please note that these video conferences aren't end-to-end encrypted. This means server-side parties can monitor your activity. If you want to use Jitsi hosted by others, look for a comprehensive privacy policy as always.

There could be additional legal requirements if you want to use third-party Jitsi servers for school or work.

#jitsi #privacy #security #infosec

More good news bc :)

I love seeing the signs of solidarity, which unfortunately is something rare these days.

It seems the outbreak in China is under control (for now) and subsequently they're sending equipment and doctors (!) to those who need it, like Italy.

And radio 3FM-dj Sander Hoogendoorn launched an initiative which resulted in 180 radio stations in 30 different countries to play
"You'll never walk alone"
at the exact same time (08.45 local time) today

\o/ \o/ \o/

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With the whole country on lockdown in in this crises, there is one thing I find absolutely amazing.

Every day at 18:00 people get on their balconies to make or listen or dance to music 'together'.

Like Italian tenor Maurizio Marchini singing "Nessun Dorma" ❤️

Never been a fan of JavaScript, but M$ bought ('joined') npmjs, ensuring ICE can carry out their inhumane policy unabated. Also, we need more monopolies.

All just an excuse to post 👇


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Disaster capitalism at it best/worst:

Trump wants to buy a German company working on a vaccine. But keep it exclusively to the US.

This is my yearly Arch Wiki appreciation post. What an incredible source of information ❤️

I am stunned at the stupidity wrt in The Netherlands. And I fear it will have dire consequences.

- Schools are not closed as they believe it's unlikely they will get sick. They may not get sick (easily), but schools are still a perfect place to spread it. Incubation time is 5-14 days, thus infected people may not have symptoms until 2 weeks!
- Local market was open with 100s of ppl throughout the day
- People were sitting on the terrace today (in Utrecht)


Am I wrong?

"very few people believe that they are the ones who will mess up RSA, and so they proceed with reckless abandon. Ultimately, users will pay for this. This is why we all need to agree that it is flat out unacceptable to use RSA in 2019. No exceptions."

"[We] recommend using Curve25519 for key exchange and digital signatures. Encryption needs to be done using a protocol called ECIES which combines an elliptic curve key exchange with a symmetric encryption algorithm."

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