Does anyone know any uncensored #F-Droid repositories?
It seems that the "flagship" repo is from now on censored to not include software the maintainers don't like.
#censorship #android @fdroidorg #gab #Fediverse

Unfortunately Xen, my preferred virtualization solution, doesn't work on RPis (
KVM looks like it could work.

I also have a Rock64 which should work with Xen, so maybe that is a better way forward. One worry with that is that there's only a 4.9 kernel by some 'random' person for it, which may stop getting updated at any random time. RPi does that (a lot) better in that regard, afaik.

Any thoughts/ideas wrt virtualization for SBC much appreciated.

Looks like I found the answer for me: not going to touch it.

Reading through the Debian bug reports, especially comments by maintainers, and further through to Docker issues on GitHub, gives the impression that I had before too (iirc).
They basically don't fix their broken stuff. First they continued to use aufs while it was deprecated/removed from the kernel and now with iptables, which is replaced by nftables.
Issues open for *years* do not get fixed.

What are people's opinion on Docker?

I haven't been following it for quite a while and I am wondering whether I should spend some time on it again.
There were 2 reasons I lost interest:
- There were too often issues with the Debian packages
- Everything runs as root

It's especially the 2nd reason that made me really uncomfortable and I recall seeing msgs that escaping a Docker container wasn't that hard ... meaning you'd get root on the host.

Main/Only target to run it on are Raspberry Pis.

I wonder how many (and how soon) bitcoin enthusiasts/companies are going to basically reinvent the

(Currently listening to TFTC #82 with the guys)

This is awesome.

Buster has just been released and people are already speculating on being an officially supported architecture in (the next stable release).

This is happening in -riscv on OFTC/
If you are interesting in (trying to) making it happen, I highly encourage you into joining that channel.

Instance admins will always have to moderate their users to maintain healthy relationships with other instances. If enough of your users say unpopular things, your instance might get banned by others. For me the freedom to say whatever I want without worrying about getting silenced/banned by instance politics of the day is important enough for me to eventually run my own instance.Gab isn't really my jam,since it's mostly red politics which isn't that interesting to me. Distribute all the things!

If you use apt-get to upgrade to buster, you won't be asked about the security repository info changed from 'testing' to 'stable'. Use the --allow-releaseinfo-change option, as Eriberto Mota explains here: or use apt instead

Looks like all the links to the downloads are pointing at the @debian versions \o/

All kinds of installation media or Live 'CDs' can be found through:

I recommend using the bittorrent links as much as possible. Lots of seeders already so downloads will be fast and you'd take load off of the mirrors.

Final image test results are being collated and the Debian CD team are preparing to sign them off - buster is very nearly with us! #releasingDebianBuster

An amazing way to search for packages in Debian is with DebTags.
Install the 'debtags' package and then use "aptitude search '~G<tag>'". You can narrow your results further down by using multiple tags, like this:
"aptitude search '~G<tag1>~G<tag2>~G<tag3>'"

You can do a whole lot more awesome things with aptitude search functionality, see or install the aptitude-doc-en (it's also available in several localized languages)

Debian buster is the first release with a debian-policy mandating 'packages should be reproducible' (since policy 4.1.0) #ReleasingDebianBuster

The buster release files have been signed off by the Release Managers! #releasingDebianBuster

And the result: everyone is cheering on Gab for creating 'free speech' software.

If that alone wasn't enough, even people like brian_trollz (BD #181) seems to be defending every action Gab is taking.
I consider Brian highly intelligent and critical, hence my surprise.
Before that, I've seen droves of 'bitcoiners' defending/praising everything Gab is doing.

Fuck that.

When they actually contribute sth useful, I'll commend them for it.
So far, they've only been leeching off of other ppls work.

.. move along.
I can understand Gab forking Brave as replacing BAT with BTC/LN is extremely likely not going to be accepted by upstream.
Then I saw this tweet: and if you look further, you'll see that Gab forked Mastodon. I'm not going to investigate exactly why, but extrapolating what Torba said on TFTC. He's just forking every FOSS project he likes to steal other people's hard work, so that he can put on his own branding on it.

You know what annoys the hell out of me? Gab.

I got all worked up after listening to
I really like Marty and TFTC podcast, but that episode made it clear he and Gab's CEO have absolutely no clue about FOSS.

He/they apparently think that Open Source was invented by bitcoin (devs) or something and that we can now build a new 'free speech' internet because of FOSS.

Guess what, dipshit, essentially the whole internet ran on FOSS from the start.

Bad episode, can happen ..

Went on a bike ride tonight and came across the most amazing sign I've ever seen.

Singing bike lane
Here you can officially sing (along) on the bike!

No more odd pauses in your song just because someone cycles by you!

Street name: 2nd Strausspath


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