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"Nature is our biggest ally and our greatest inspiration."
"In this world, a species can only thrive when everything else around it, thrives too."

"When we take care of nature, nature will take care of us."


Some quotes by Sir David Attenborough in "A Life on Our Planet"

Mother Nature will survive. Whether we will be part of that remains to be seen. We can choose to do that. Or let nature decide for us.

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Drew makes so many great points on his blog.

"When your FOSS project chooses to use a non-free platform, you give it an official vote of confidence on behalf of your project. ... an investment in a non-free platform is also a divestment from the free alternatives."

"In short, choosing non-free platforms is an individualist, short-term investment which prioritizes your project’s apparent access to popularity over the success of the FOSS ecosystem as a whole."

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On :birdsite: @SamHarrisOrg said:
"Welcome to the panopticon...
China becomes an episode of Black Mirror"
and shared this article:

to which my response was:
"Give it 5-10 years, then we'll have it too, but with better marketing, but effectively similar.
IIRC Eindhoven has a system (in pilot?) 'similar' as shown in the head picture (Person of Interest style) ... for a snitch city project. Fighting crime and/or terrorism will be used too"

You probably heard of #OsmAnd, the swiss knife map app that uses #OpenStreetMap data, but do you know that there's a web-based interface, too?

Check out, and plan your trips with routing, and various map rendering options, while doing so in the comfort of your desktop browser.

It even includes weather forecasts, if you're trying to avoid getting wet for your weekend ride.

You don't even need to register for an #OsmAnd, or #OpenStreetMap account to use it.

Reading this article reminds me of that "First they came for X, but I didn't care - I wasn't X. Then they came for Y, I didn't care either, I wasn't Y. Then they came for me, and there was nobody left to help me" thing.

Sure, you may not have something to hide... for now. Just like thousands of free-thinking American women that became thought-criminals almost overnight.

#privacy #surveillance #roevwade

Software Freedom Conservancy (@conservancy) launched an campaign which I fully support:

The first toot isn't very informative, but I'll link to it anyway as it is the start of a thread, which is worth reading:

LWN article:

"a broader conversation [about the ethics of AI-assisted software] seemed unlikely to alter your [SFC's] stance, which is why we [GitHub] have not responded to your [SFC's] detailed questions"

Says it all.

The farmers also need to take a look in the mirror. This isn't a new problem and as its your bread-and-butter, you should keep apprised of things affecting your industry.
"We just need more time!"
No, you had decades to adjust ... and you didn't.

Instead of funding aka lobbying to block any change, you should've spend that money on making your business and the planet sustainable.

Oh, and fuck your terrorism tactics.
I hope you end up in jail. This is no longer protesting.

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Proper thread (in ) about the problem we've had for DECADES:

I fully understand that people are angry at the politicians who've been promoting 'solutions' (aka 'innovation') to fix it for decades.
Till a judge told them to actually fix it.

At first sign of protest they're being spineless again and suggest innovation again which didn't help .
FTR: they're lying again as they're actually supporting the new policy.

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Some period tracking apps will share your data. Stay safe, use one from @fdroidorg without Internet permission.

Possible options are:
drip (safest!)

All of these apps don't ask for internet permission and thus can't share your data. Drip goes the extra mile and explicitly opts out of Android's backup framework so your data won't be backed up on Google servers.

Please boost for those who need it!

I've noted on several occasions that comedians seem to do a better job at journalism then 'actual journalists'.
With the added bonus that they tend to be funny as well.

Last Week Tonight: Water

"[We've got to] Stop with our magical thinking towards water"

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made another high quality video*:

It's in and I haven't seen English subtitles (yet?), which is a shame as this is another video which deserves a far wider audience then only Dutch speakers.

*) I wanted to say fantastic, but given the subject, that felt wrong.

Fresh water, the source of all life.

Today a report was published which warns of drinking water shortages for 4 million (out of ~17m) people. (.be also affected)

We already had ground water issues for the last couple of years and other signs there's trouble on the horizon. But that was likely too invisible for most and/or they didn't realize just *how* important that is.

Maybe this will finally be the wake up call for ppl in .nl?

"[Lowering the cost of ML] is thus very desirable, even if the cost is making ethical compromises. ...
With GitHub, it takes the form of disregarding the terms of Free Software licenses.
In the process, they built a tool which facilitates the large-scale laundering of Free Software into non-free software by their customers, who GitHub offers plausible deniability through an inscrutable algorithm."

There. Deleted all the forks I had on GitHub, moved the very few repos I care about over to Codeberg.

I'm keeping my GH account just in case I need to write issues or whatever on projects there, but no more of my personal code will land on GitHub.

Vote with your feet, people.

The beta version of Serenum are now one with the past. Stable version has now been released!

I am tired now, though, so bugs and issues may be present. Let me know if you find any.

I will also tune the performance of the website more when I have more time.


#serenum #foss #selfhosting #privacy

It's just marvelous to see that man enjoying his craftsmanship and the pure joy of riding his bike 🤩

And wise lessons to boot:
"People don't need top shelf. What the really need is anything and anything tuned well" *
"Use what you've got. Ride your bike. Don't just romance the idea. Ride" 👌

*) Ask your local bike shop for tips that could make your ride much more enjoyable.
They did for me :-)

h/t & @ericbuijs

"Murderers, torturers and war criminals will be toasting the British home secretary, Priti Patel, tonight.
Her decision to approve the extradition of Julian turns investigative journalism into a criminal act, and licenses the United States to mercilessly hunt down offenders wherever they can be found, bring them to justice and punish them with maximum severity." 👌

I'm truly amazed how good is in presenting a topic, cutting through the BS and giving you the most important things in just a few minutes.

: Net Zero by 2050

Only thing missing in this vid IMO:
Making promises (now) for 2050 means they won't have to do anything themselves and they will not be held accountable for it as they'll just blame someone else ... if they're even alive by then 🙄

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