I ended up emailing the Nieuwsuur journalist. It wasn't exactly flattering ;P so it's no surprise I didn't get a reaction back.
Hopefully it'll still have a/some effect, because the issue has just gotten a lot larger:


That looks to me a global attack on encryption has started.
As always, because the argument never dies, the reason is fighting child pornography. Another reason that never dies, terrorism, will undoubtedly also be thrown into the mix.

BREAKING: a federal judge has ruled that suspicionless searches of travelers’ cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices when we cross the U.S. border are unconstitutional.

This is an enormous victory for privacy. eff.org/press/releases/federal

RT @RainDogDance@twitter.com

Greg Maxwell's explanation on why he's not on Twitter goes pretty deep, and makes some good critical points about the pitfalls of (purposefully) limited communication space:


"Google is heavily pushing ..." sounds much like "water is wet ..."

DDG does indeed show Apple maps, even though I specified OSM ... so that's not very useful either.

What I usually do, is find the actual address and search on that. That tends to work always.
You can explicitly search for POIs, like restaurants, but trying to find one which I have already bookmarked, failed consistently.
But, it could (very well) be that I'm doing it wrong.

The review to update the riseup guide to 2.1 has been started more then 2 years ago and last update has been more then 1 year ago...

The joys of PGP ... 🤔
A while ago I followed riseup.net/en/security/message to use/configure PGP the best way possible.
One of the lines that ended up in ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf was:
keyserver hkps://hkps.pool.sks-keyservers.net

Searching my key on hkps.pool.sks-keyservers.net/ shows it, but you can't find it on keys.openpgp.org/ and if you request my key with default settings of gpg, you get an expired one, iow keys are not propagated. Awesome.

Just learned that riseup guide was written for version 1.4

Openstreetmap is reaching the point that it is just more information rich and beautiful than google maps and that is awesome

Before, IIUC from reading that ML, if you wanted to use KMail to read your GMail, you had to specify it in GMail/Google Settings as an 'insecure app'.

Remember EFail? Yeah. KMail was one of the few mail clients which wasn't affected, unless you changed the default settings and/or loaded external references, which you have to give explicit consent to.

From mail.kde.org/pipermail/kdepim-

"adapting to new requirements of Google requires a privacy statement that AFAIK is being worked on by KDE e.V.

As this is a legal statement it requires proper care to do properly.
Daniel Vrátil had a quick go at it, and Google rejected it. Which in my eyes has an irony in itself"

💯 💯 💯

(Daniel Vrátil is one of the main/few developers working on KMail, KDE's mail client)

If your mail client has problems with GMail, fix it for good.
Drop GMail.

@privacyint wrote this last year. It's brilliant.

Winning the debate on encryption — a 101 guide for politicians

Dear Politicians, With elections coming up and quite a few cringe-worthy comments that have come from many of you and from all sides of the political spectrum, we figured it was time to have a chat about encryption. First, let’s say what you shouldn’t do:


Linus Torvalds: Git is a distributed version control system, which means even if you lose a remote, you still have your local copy, so your code is safe, unlike centralized VCSes.

Developer Community: wut?

Microsoft: Hmm. How about you use our Visual Studio Online and push it to GitHub, both hosted on our computers, so that you don't have a local copy?

Developer Community: Yaay! Such innovation! Very cloud! Much wow! 🎉

Trump: Thou shall not use US services.

Developers: Where's my code? 😭

I know it's Bloomberg, but geeez, can we stop crediting or giving the impression that GitHub is responsible for the existence/importance of FOSS?
I do think they contributed to popularizing FOSS (projects), but most of the important ones don't use GH for their development, but only for hosting a read-only mirror.


(learned about it through mastodon.social/@freedomboxfnd)

This is officially the best graphic that explains how #OpenPGP works.

"a lot of money to change the google results for Github ICE" probably sums this up.

Still, I have thoughts.


Just the fear of #surveillance can turn us into self-censors and stop us from exercising intellectual freedom and curiosity.

If we think we're being watched, our behavior changes.

Let's choose an internet free of mass surveillance. #TakeBacktheInternet blog.torproject.org/we-can-cho

Russ Allbery made a suggestion which fixes where IMO it all went wrong:
defining an init-system ABI

This should have been done from the start so the Unix philosophy could still be applied:
Do one thing and do it well

That would have made it possible/easy to swap one component with another. Like it has always been the case.

Next time you hear me talk about "(separate components and) communicate through clearly defined interfaces"

you'll know why I think that's so important.

In that LWN article is also a link to Theodore Y. Ts'o's ML posts, which on Debian's ML is:

In it, he discussed that several projects already use/depend on systemd-exclusive features and I'd guess he's not a fan ;-)

"Yep, and this is the 'embrace, extend, and extinguish' phenomenom of systemd which caused so much fear and loathing. Lennart is the Ballmer of the Linux infrastructure world. :-)"

👊 😛

When Ian Jackson, DD and one of the maintainers of the Xen packages in , started the init-diversity ML, I had good hopes that non-systemd init systems wouldn't die off in Debian.

I didn't like, but could understand that systemd became the default init system.
Later I learned that support for other init systems became optional.
This really pissed me off.

I agree with 👇
and read the LWN linked article.

Looks like Debian is moving into the right direction again 🤗

"pastebinit -l" provided some useful suggestions :)

Here is the error I encountered when running 'make' in the 0.19 branch (on Debian Stable)

I'm looking for an alternative to paste.debian.net. Suggestions?

I tried to compile bitcoin v0.19 on Debian Stable, but it fails and I want to share the part which shows where/what fails, but p.d.n gives me an error and says "do not spam". I'm not spamming and I don't know what to do about it.

Boost version is 1.67 and that might be relevant.

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