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"Nature is our biggest ally and our greatest inspiration."
"In this world, a species can only thrive when everything else around it, thrives too."

"When we take care of nature, nature will take care of us."


Some quotes by Sir David Attenborough in "A Life on Our Planet"

Mother Nature will survive. Whether we will be part of that remains to be seen. We can choose to do that. Or let nature decide for us.

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On :birdsite: @SamHarrisOrg said:
"Welcome to the panopticon...
China becomes an episode of Black Mirror"
and shared this article:

to which my response was:
"Give it 5-10 years, then we'll have it too, but with better marketing, but effectively similar.
IIRC Eindhoven has a system (in pilot?) 'similar' as shown in the head picture (Person of Interest style) ... for a snitch city project. Fighting crime and/or terrorism will be used too"

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Great ~3 minute video which explains nicely why I focus so much on as it shows the dangers of .
Viewpoint_ ‘We’re living in an age of surveillance capitalism’ _ BBC Ideas


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Onion services v2 are retiring.
It's time to migrate to onion services v3.

Here is the planned deprecation timeline:

Ben Hutchings ((Debian) kernel maintainer)* on a recent bug report:
"It looks like you have mixed up /dev/null and /dev/zero (as a Dutch learner, I can see how that would happen)."

Dunno if Drew DeVault is still learning it, but I find it amazing that people for which I have a lot of respect, are learning .
A language spoken by ~25 million in the world?


The only valid DRM is direct render mode.


I'm using #Debian, the universal operating system, for more than 25 years.

Free, reliable, stable, trustworthy, applicable to laptop/desktop, but also to servers, embedded systems, mobile devices...

Full disclosure: After using it for some time, I became a volunteer Debian Developer myself.

JFC Our government still thinks there can be a master encryption key for the good guys.

Because you know, terrorism and stuff.
And even *iff* you get Big Tech to build in a backdoor, don't you realize that those 'terrorists' will just use another tool that isn't backdoor-ed?
Are those politicians really that stupid/ignorant?

Then there's ofc also article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which we supposedly support ...

Can someone suggest me a simple theme?

There's a big list at and lots of them have a free license :)
But (also) a lot 'advertise' themselves with f.e. 'google analytics' which I consider an anti-feature.
The one from the quickstart, ananke, has a 84KiB CSS file, which also seems excessive.

Not wanting to try each and every one of them, I'm hoping the fediverse can suggest me some.

If you are looking for a way to help F-Droid get updates out faster, considering diving into the code and contributing! Relevant issues to tackle can be found here:

Quite a while I blasted gab for leeching off of Free Software.
They forked the Mastodon code (AGPL-3.0) and rebranded it to make it look like it was all their work.

It's actually much worse. 2 days ago they made the code public and then they retweeted a moron saying "Gab has now opted to release their code repository"
Like that was some kind of bad-ass move.

No, it meant that they had violated the license all that time.
Still claiming only their own copyright, which is still a breach 🙄

I've just been alerted that support for onion v2 has been removed from your (git) master branch.

So I went looking through your timeline to boost a toot by you urging people to switch to v3 onions and explaining why.
I've now scrolled till a toot you boosted from Jul 22,2020 by SecureDrop! But I've still not found one by you.
You've likely made such a toot before, but imo it's high time for another one?

Why should you care about data privacy, even if you think you have "nothing to hide"?

Because our data is being used to push increasingly polarized content and capitalize on divisiveness.

Disrupt surveillance capitalism. Take back your privacy. Use Tor.

heads up: onion v2 support was removed from Tor master

there has been no release yet with this change

but if you rely on any software without v3 onion support, time is getting short to update it

Turning on the subtitles while children are watching television can double the chances of a child becoming good at reading. It’s so brilliantly simple and can help children’s literacy so much that we want to shout it from the rooftops!

There’s extensive global research that shows just how effective this is and with the help of our wonderful partners – including charities, companies and famous ambassadors – it’s our mission to share the results in this simple message.

So now, along with our friends at a number of leading charities and universities, we’re encouraging broadcasters, policymakers and parents to Turn on the Subtitles.

We need your help too. Please share this message with anyone you know who has children or works with children – this quick, free tip can help make TV time, reading time.

I appreciate it when friends are absolutely honest, put the finger in my wounds (metaphorically) and point out where I have gone wrong. It may hurt, but I have to learn it the hard way.

If one uses a social media bot farm to heavily promote an asset, the SEC will now suspend trading on that asset.

Now we all get to watch this get regularly exploited as a DoS vector.🍿

argh, now I can't stop thinking of the pallet of Debian "slink and a half" boxes I once had and the picture of it I failed to take

imaine a 4 foot high pile of these

Time to update: Tor Browser 10.0.12 is now available. This version updates Desktop Firefox to 78.8.0esr and Android Firefox to 86.1.0 + updates NoScript to 11.2.2, Openssl to 1.1.1j, and Tor to Full changelog:

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