You asked for it, community donors funded it, and we made it happen - Mastering Monero is officially released! Buy the paperback at:


Will there be other places where I can buy the physical book?
Not much of a fan of amazon for privacy reasons f.e. (and I don't have a credit card).
Naturally not a fan of Google either ;)

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@FreePietje Google Play books, Apple store coming soon, won't help your issue tho. You can try buy Amazon giftcard with crypto. We have no plans yet to release somewhere else. :blobugh:

Also there will be a free pdf version on our website in the future, so stay tuned here or subscribe to our mailing list!

@FreePietje update: there will be a xmr shop setup for ebook release when ebook is done.

I'm assuming your smiley indicates awareness of the irony ;p
I'll probably be able to work around it, thx

@FreePietje Paperback book: no
Ebook: yes possible if you want to avoid the big brother companies

The ebooks are DRM free I presume?
In this case I want the paperback, but as said, I'll work around the amazon issue

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