"targeting human rights activists, journalists and political rivals" - calls it "thriving at her job"

(later on) "also targeting Americans" - calls it "crossing a red line" and "I am officially the bad kind of spy"

“Some days it was hard to swallow, like [when you target] a 16-year-old kid on Twitter,” she said. “But it’s an intelligence mission, you are an intelligence operative. I never made it personal.”

You are a horrible human being without any morals.

@FreePietje well I hope she made a fuckton of money or whatever she was looking for doing that, because I really wouldn't care if she and her little friends were made to drink the potion they served to hundreds of innocent people.
"I never made it personal", it's easy to use Eichmann "only doing my job" line of defense when you actually risk nothing personally. Did it ever cross her mind that for the people she was targeting shit was *very* personal?

I had a very similar line in mind, "just following orders".

That article is full of WTF/JFC/etc moments for me and all I could think about was
"how can you get up in the morning and not utterly loathe yourself"

The thing she regrets? The (probably) *only* right thing she did in her life.

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