The Bitfi wallet is being heavily promoted in my Twitter feed, lots of sponsored posts recently.
They're basically promoting a hardware brainwallet, I'm surprised I haven't seen more outrage at this yet.


I hope it's because everyone is running ad-blockers and therefor have never seen it (like me).

I highly doubt it thought. It's way more important there to be completely outraged about someone else's opinion.

@FreePietje hehe you might be right about outrage over opinions.

I run adblockers as well, but it doesn’t catch these ‘promoted tweets’, I assume it’s because they’re not served by a 3rd party.

@htimsxela @FreePietje ublock origin for firefox blocks promoted tweets for me currently. Twitter changes URLs about once a year, causing me to see promoted tweets for up to a few days until someone updates the filter, but otherwise it works great here.

@harding @htimsxela
Same here. What do you run?

(I also use uMatrix ( and Privacy Badger, although those aren't (strictly) adblockers, but they do improve your privacy.)

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