This isn't talked about enough:
Storing your mnemonic seed alone isn't enough, you also need to store the derivation path.

Ledger Live software is generally unusable on my (Debian Sid) system. It does enable RBF when creating a tx, but it doesn't allow you to bump the fee.
Had some serious issues when importing my seed into Electrum until I found out it was using an incorrect derivation path. Only when I (manually) fixed that, I could see I had > 0 satoshis.

Write it down to avoid panic ;)

@FreePietje Doing some research and vulgarisation about back-up has been on my roadmap for months now, but I've never took the time so far. I'll see soon a friend of mine which is a real dev and lot more knowledgeable than I am, I want to talk to him about this, hope he can help


@Sosthene Sounds quite familiar 😂
I hope you can and will share what you'll learn and possibly come up with :)

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