Ok I just catched up on the Fucktoshi/pedoCalvin legal bullying on Twitter, just when you were thinking that they couldn't get more retarded they come up with this shit.
Even if I don't think CSW will go to court over so weak a case he has so much to lose on, it's still fucking annoying for @Hodlonaut that lost his twitter account because of this.
I think it's a good idea to drop a few sats to support him just to be sure he will be safe : weareallhodlonaut.com/

@Hodlonaut Still I wonder where's the catch, it's obviously so retarded, even the letter looks amateurish but apparently Fucktoshi didn't deny it, so it must be legit. If he didn't just lost his mind, then what is he up to?


@Sosthene @Hodlonaut What I gathered is that it's bullying people into giving Fucktoshi legitimacy.

I send some sats his way because I like him even though I feel uncomfortable with it.
Fucktoshi didn't ask for money, but it still feels like the same tactic patent trolls use: set the extortion amount to such a value that it makes more sense to pay then to litigate (and it also 'legitimizes' the patent).
I'd much rather donate to sue Fucktoshi into oblivion to deter future assholes.

@FreePietje @Hodlonaut Yes I'd rather give money to sue him or harm him in any other way, I don't think that hodlonaut will really need it to fund his defence in court(or at least I hope he won't).
I still think it is important to donate even a few sats to send the message that when you threaten one of us we all care. I never had much interaction with hodlonaut, but I know enough that he is one of us, and when I saw what happened to him I couldn't not care about it.

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