Does anyone (here) have experience with Liberapay (
I'm in the process of completely ditching Patreon.

Liberapay is a non-profit organization based on French law
Anything I should be aware of wrt this? I'm from .nl, so also EU.

@joeyh Anything I need to be aware of when switching from Patreon?

@FreePietje I think you just link it to your bank account and accept payments. It's like an open source PayPal. Librepatron is another option that is self hosted and let's you accept Bitcoin and fiat with a square cash app integration

@quaylessed I would explain it as an open source Patreon. Of course, I don't mind cutting out PayPal with it too.
(ftr: Liberapay supports payments through PayPal as well)

But you highlighted a good point:
I meant for sending it to others (I'll use SEPA Direct Debit for that).

If I think I might ever produce something worthy of asking donations/patronage, I may use them too. But it's not relevant for now.

@quaylessed On second thought, your qualification makes more sense then I initially realized as you can also place a "PayPal donate" button on a website. As you can probably tell, I have no experience with that (either) ;)

@FreePietje librepatron is basically an open source patreon too, except that it's designed for Bitcoin primarily, but you can add cash app and accept fiat with it too. It integrates with btcpay server so you can basically get open source donations/subscribers like patreon directly to your wallet and verify it through your btcpay node
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