Do I understand it correctly that was ousted because he did what he always does? Mince on the precise definition of words.

I'm quite aware that once again he showed his lack of empathy and that more then once made me cringe (hard). I do think that's problematic. He's also far from a likeable person. But AFAIK that's not different then say 10+ years ago.
Only this time the SJW mob 'won'.


I used "the SJW mob 'won'" because I was quite angry about what happened here, as it was REALLY unjust, but I didn't have the energy to write down why.
Someone else has written down all that was wrong with the reporting around the incident:

I'm a fierce defender of (freedom of) the press, while also critical of a lot of the current (click-driven) press.

Kudos to the author(s) for doing proper journalism, which includes providing references/links.

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@FreePietje Good article. Calm and reasonable summary and timeline. The blog posts and beast article were nasty journalism. I think it also played into the way algorithms proliferate outrage.

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