We simply cannot say this enough:

1. Turn off your location services.
2. Turn off your phone completely when you don’t need it on.

WE are allowing THEM to create a virtual police state. #COVID19 tracking is simply a building block of systemic real-time civilian surveillance.

At the heart of this technology is money, not altruism. These companies are not non-profits. Their profit ≠ your freedom.


You control your #privacy through your choices.

#ios #android

You're doing your followers a major disservice by implying that turning location services off will hide your location. I'm only familiar with android and I'm assuming PlayServices is running. Wifi access points and probably cell-tower locations (triangulation) are used as well to track your location.

Turning your phone off does work. Removing the battery is better.

Do you really trust ggl to tell you the truth when it's not showing your location history?

@FreePietje appreciate your comments! Our point was to not make people invisible to cell towers exclusively.

Location data is being harvested at the application level, such as in a weather or fitness app, or by OS vendors like Google, which are not necessarily using tower triangulation methods. These apps are handing app-level location info to third parties.

Many factors are in play for location tracking, which is why we also recommend turning off phone when not in use.


@theprivacyfoundation Location data at application level is sth you can stop afaik (I know how to revoke location permissions).
The problem is system level, which PlayStore Services operate under. And that it closed source and getting more and more invasive. And a requirement more and more. And that is the problem imo.

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