Questions to #Tails supporter and potential supporter that like to donate:

1. Which issues did you came across, that could solve if we change something?
2. Could you imagine to become a regular supporter, if we would change something about the donation process? What is hindering you, that we could improve?
3. Do you prefer regular or one time donations?

#Tails, The Amnesic Incognito Live System is #freesoftware.

You can download, use, and share it with no restrictions. Forever!


You should add another way for ppl to contribute (small) amounts on a regular basis. @Liberapay looks like a good candidate as it's as well and (afaik) doesn't violate your privacy as PayPal does.
Patreon is probably more familiar for most ppl, so adding that makes sense as well

BTW: you should add a bech32 BTC address as well as it saves a lot in network fees. You may also want to look into joining the Lightning Network ( and sth like btcpayserver

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