@admin The header is apparently also sent, and thus the '.onion available' widget shown, when you are on the .onion page/site.

Nothing big, just thought I'd mention it :)

@FreePietje @admin not sure if that's supposed to be the case, i'll look into it

@orionwl @admin I noticed I got the widget on samhowell.uk/ by @syntax but not on the corresponding .onion site.
OTOH, it's only a sample size of 1.

@FreePietje @orionwl @admin Do you mean when you went to my onion site, that site also offered itself as an option? Would be good to see a screenshot. I'll also look into this myself.


@syntax @orionwl @admin
When I went to your .uk site, I got the widget. When I clicked on that widget, I got taken to the .onion site and then I didn't see the widget.
Exactly as I'd expected it to work.

With the .onion counterpart of x0f.org, I still got the widget. But that has now been fixed.

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