In the endless series
'Google is EVIL'

Yesterday I learned that any tracking app will be under full control of G👀gle and you must use their proprietary 'Play Services' to access the needed API.

And today I learned that you need to give G👀gle the PRIVATE keys to your app:

This means G👀gle can distribute an 'update' to your app with a BACKDOOR whenever they want.

App 'updates' were touted to p0wn your phone a while back (iirc);
this is the implementation.

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Forgot to add a proper hashtag ...

Returned to this toot/thread because because I came up with another one:

Don't know why it took me this long as it's so obvious and appropriate.


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Time for another installment in the series:

G👀gle is going to ban apps which allow their users to connect to instances which could have contents that they don't approve of.
That's a 'bit' too many elements of fascism for me. Time for (yet) another hashtag?

and @fedilab doing the right thing once again 😎

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@FreePietje > In the endless series 'Google is EVIL'

Eindelijk weer een aflevering!

@FreePietje don't install any covid19 tracking app, problem solved (as long as it doesn't become mandatory where you live of course)

Me being able to shield myself of the consequences, is not the same as 'problem solved'.

Our .gov promised the app would be open source, and having to use proprietary tech would make that impossible. IOS doesn't allow background processes, thus sth new is required, but Android does. AFAIK one can build a tracking up without the proprietary APIs

This seems like yet another power grab by G👀gle to collect even more private data off its users.

Burn Android to the ground is the solution

@FreePietje So are all of the other US alphabets.At leat Goofle used a whole name. Maybe GSE would have created more flag waving ?

@FreePietje @fedilab

Odd, really. Will they be banning Chrome and Firefox for the same reason?

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