Me: "Ok time to build a CHEAP PC for video editing and light gaming."

Also me: "Let's start with an AMD Ryzen 9 3950X CPU."

@Gina that's not light:). Save yourself a lot of money and get a 2nd generation 2700x, more than powerful enough, and you can use the money you save for a better vid card and more ram.

@LPS That's the thing, when it comes to CPU I don't really have a feel for what is necessary for a bit of editing and gaming. Would the 2700x really compare well with for example the 3900x?

I'd rather pay a bit more to do it right immediately than having to invest more later to upgrade.

@Gina @LPS
I see the 3900X (boxed) for €444 vs €749 for the 3950X and then the 3900X seems like a (much) better value for your money.

Both are way overkill for even the most demanding games (CPU-wise).
The 12 (real) cores of the 3900X is likely enough for your video editing needs. Gives you some extra money for a monitor ;)

@Gina @LPS
I would recommend the 3900X, especially when you plan to do 4k video stuff.
Price difference between 3950 and 3900 is huge, while 'even' cheaper has less effect on price, but does on performance.
The difference between the 3700 and 3900 is in several benchmarks 30% and that's a LOT.
In any case, the 3XX0 CPUs are Zen2 architecture on 7nm, while 2XX0 are Zen1 on 14nm (I think).
That is significant, including in power usage.

@FreePietje @LPS Tnx for the numbers :)

I'm building a setup around the 3900x right now on pcpartpicker. Another difficult choice is the motherboard. Again, huge price differences. I'm looking at the Asus ROG Strix X570-E Gaming ATX AM4 Motherboard atm. Looks alright, but not 100% sure if that's the best choice.


@Gina @LPS
Not familiar with pcpartpicker myself; I usually look on
That board has favorable reviews on and also includes a link to

All my MBs are Asus, but in the end it remains some kind of gamble.
Do check the Memory Compatibility (Memory QVL) document on Asus' MB product website for suitable RAM (model/speed/configurations). Hopefully it's not as finicky as with my 1st Gen/1st Stepping Ryzen CPU, but better safe then sorry.

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