Please be accurate when putting blame on the shady addition of M$ repo to 's.

Raspbian(.org) was started by Mike Thompson (long gone) and DD 'plugwash', who is still maintaining the archive which provides most packages for , after all these years. Plugwash deserves nothing but praise for his monumental work.

The fuck up is all RaspberryPi Foundation's (RPF) 'work' and is in raspberrypi-sys-mods package (post-install script), from the repo, and part of RaspiOS.

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Yes, I know that previously the images available from were named Raspbian as well.
And the (name) confusion that we now often see, is and was entirely predicted/predictable.

@FreePietje: Yes, but there's another fact which might explain that initial naming:

#Raspbian AFAIK never (not sure about the very beginning though) offered images, just recompiled packages.

To my knowledge "Raspbian" images always came from the #RaspberryPiFoundation.

Another detail: Peter Green aka plugwash only became DD after Raspbian has become a success.

Nevertheless, the reason for the existence of Raspbian is still there: Debian still has a performance penalty on #RaspberryPi 0 + 1.

AFAIK you are correct; Raspbian indeed has never made any images. It may have linked to some.

They should have known and afaik we're pointed exactly at the fact that it would cause problems at some point.
"The RPF should've done a 'rebranding' from the start, because before that, raspbian referred to various different things." from

And I think the rebranding was more a vanity thing then a 'new' insight.

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