Raspberry Pi OS has turned into spyware for M$:

And yes, they add M$'s repository key to APT's trusted database and add their repo to APT's repo list.
Without asking.
Or informing you via a NEWS file.

So now every time you do "apt[itude] update", M$ will know about it.

This isn't the first time that the Foundation changed your sources.list without asking: x0f.org/@FreePietje/1037994382

Fuck that.

@FreePietje is raspbian deprecated or something? i've never heard of raspios
@georgia @FreePietje It's just rebranded raspbian. They want to distance themselves from debian so the can shill licensed software

@abloo @georgia

See the toot I linked earlier.

The RPF should've done a 'rebranding' from the start, because before that, raspbian referred to various different things.
The majority of software in RaspiOS still comes from raspbian.org and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.
Some software package do come from raspberrypi.org and that's where the problem lies, including what I reported in OP.

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