PSA: In ~7 months ANY v2 will stop working entirely. does say:
"Onion services v2 are retiring."
But at least I failed to realize the impact of that.

That same toot talks about "deprecation" and that led me to underestimate the impact.

To put it in terms of RFC 2119 (
You MUST, not SHOULD, upgrade all (your) Tor sites to onion v3 in about 7 months.

· · Web · 1 · 5 · 4 only lists v2 services, so it looks like tor project themselves need to hurry up before they pull the plug from their own onion services.

What a joke.

@resist1984 was even more correct then I already admitted in the above linked thread.
Apologies for being so wrong and thanks for informing me :)

@FreePietje @resist1984 as other people have noted they seem irrationally in a rush for a protocol transition of this magnitude—reading between the lines i feel there's a CVE announcement coming up

@orionwl @resist1984
That's a good guess:

Not very smart that you see on the same day this gets added to tracker.d.o/tor:
"[2021-03-16] Accepted tor (source) into stable->embargoed, stable"
You can lift that embargo already ...

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