Peak irony:
Organizing/coordinating a boycott of the Free Software Foundation on the non-free Microsoft Github site.

🤷‍♂️ 👀

My Russian isn't what it used to be ;-)
But I did find a link I'm assuming you were referring to:

I do agree with that one.
I'd liked if the pertinent lies spread on the other 'letter' were refuted as well.

Irony? I don't think so, @FreePietje. Copyleft is the enemy of propritary software development.

@FreePietje It's not irony, organizing against free software on a proprietary platform is completely logical. Bonus points for cloning the repo to Windows 10 machine or editing your name in with a Visual Studio Code with proprietary Remote Development plugins installed.

@FreePietje @brab Really, wow, some copies of documents written by the people who think pedophilia apologism is not a good look are stored on servers owned by a company that also sells non-free software? Well, I didn't know what to think until now, but now my mind is made!

@spun_off @FreePietje I haven’t had the time to read everything, but I read he admitted changing his mind about pedophilia.

He still held wrong opinions. But if changing his mind is not enough, what is?

I don’t like him. But I’m not ready to throw Free Software in the drain with him.

Now if it was Darmanin and LPEM…


This toot is purely about the irony.
I've made other toots about the substance; feel free to respond to that if you feel so inclined.


I don't know how I could make it clearer then I did in my OP.

@FreePietje Ah, maybe English is not your first language. Irony is when there is some sort of contradiction between fact A and fact B. As an example, when a dude borrows other people's mobile phones, because he doesn't have one, because they don't run free software, that's ironic. Being called unfit for any leadership position at all because of one's attitudes towards other people, on a platform owned by a company that also sells non-free software, is not ironic.

@spun_off @FreePietje English is not my first language, but I fail to see where you address the substance part of the comment. The crux of the matter is "one's attitudes towards other people". Has it changed, or is it so bad it must be (social) death row?

Should we stop using GNU in protest?

Should we stop using free software in protest?

Should we stop and think together in protest?

@brab @FreePietje I'm sorry, all I've seen so far is a number of non sequiturs. A text is invalid because it can be found on github. RMS must be the leader of the FSF because you don't want free software to go down the drain. I don't see anything that even can be argued with, not that i want to, i was only trying to understand if your respective had been faster than your keyboards, but I'm past that now.

I think the "not your first language" was targeted at me. While true, it appears that he just wants to score so cheap points, so I'm just ignoring him.

I think your points are very valid, but I don't expect him to be interested in a substantive discussion. His reply just now confirms that for me, so I'm blocking him.

"also sells non-free software" is false, as there is NOTHING Free Software about M$ GH. Maybe he doesn't understand the difference between Free Software and 'gratis'?

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