In the endless series
'Google is EVIL'

Yesterday I learned that any tracking app will be under full control of G👀gle and you must use their proprietary 'Play Services' to access the needed API.

And today I learned that you need to give G👀gle the PRIVATE keys to your app:

This means G👀gle can distribute an 'update' to your app with a BACKDOOR whenever they want.

App 'updates' were touted to p0wn your phone a while back (iirc);
this is the implementation.

Time for another installment in the series:

G👀gle is going to ban apps which allow their users to connect to instances which could have contents that they don't approve of.
That's a 'bit' too many elements of fascism for me. Time for (yet) another hashtag?

and doing the right thing once again 😎

New episode in series:

If you use Sync feature, that'll stop working as it'll become a G👀gle Chrome only feature:

G👀gle is consistently showing a variation of Embrace, Extend and Extinguish.

I think ethics is a purely human construct and thereby "ethical AI" an oxymoron, a second (high profile?) member of G👀gle's 'ethical AI' team is on her way out the door:

G👀gle and ethics are a contradictio in terminis.


New installment of 😖
Excellent write up by @plausible

"Every website and every Chrome user will be opted into FLoC by default without any say in that choice. That is a decision Google has made for us all."

G👀gle is telling you that you're all their bitch, unless you take specific actions against that.

If you don't want your site/blog/etc to be , YOU will have to modify your webserver's configuration 🖕

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