Site.js 16.4.0 released

Tells Google to not track you in Chrome.

Note: any web server that doesn’t automatically do this doesn’t care about your privacy.

Also note: If you’re reading this, do not use Chrome.

Finally, fuck Google!

#SmallTech #SmallWeb #SiteJS #Google #SurveillanceCapitalism


I don't like that you're blaming others for G👀gle's horrendous behavior that they have to explicitly OPT OUT of their spy network.
If they opted IN, then hell yeah, crucify them.

My 0.02

(I'm assuming that wasn't your intend, but that's how I read your 1st note)

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@FreePietje Oh, Google are 1000% to blame. Now that we agree on that, any web server developer who doesn’t take 5 minutes (that’s what it took for Site.js) to add this to their server and turn it on by default is also complicit.

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