Just saw on the matrix lightning integration channel that these guys are now bundling matrix (along with already: tor, bitcoind, lnd, c-lightning, mastodon) into their "embassy" node package (which is a packaged raspi as i understand):


@waxwing I have two big problems with this project:
- the stupid, restrictive software licence: github.com/Start9Labs/embassy-
- the catastrophic hardware choice of trusting everything on an SDcard

@openoms @waxwing agreed on license.
SD cards specifically designed for constant usage do exist. One big market for them is dash cams, which perform constant writes.

@pete @waxwing
Have to disagree on that, even those kind of SDcards (and I do use only the endurance ones) would only survive a few months running swap or a busy lightning database: github.com/rootzoll/raspiblitz

@openoms @waxwing What brands/sizes have actually failed for you? Have you tried over provisioning?

@pete @waxwing
quick check in the drawer results this. I had multiple of the endurance cards fail after 1-1.5 year of heavy usage as well.
They are either painfully slow to write or read only.

@pete @waxwing
Social media, pictures, videos etc might be ok, but anyone trusting an irrevocable and frequently written lightning channel database on an SDcard is taking far more risk than I'd would tolerate.


@openoms @pete @waxwing
On their site you can choose between a 1 and 2 TB SSD.
So I'd guess that they don't only use a SDcard anymore?

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@FreePietje Correct, they followed reason reason and updated the 0.3.x package to have an SSD.
One of my points down.
Would gladly see them embrace a FOSS licence too.

Totally. Using a SSD is peanuts compared to a 'wrong' license.
IANAL (and I don't care as I have no intention of using/buying their stuff), but I wouldn't be surprised if their license is incompatible with the license(s) of the software they use.

License shows intend/mindset, which is WAY more important.

Also, if you think you can secure people's money with a single device, you likely have no idea what you're doing.

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