I think it's absolutely amazing and inspirational to see what Jack Mallers has already achieved and look forward to what more he'll achieve :)

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@FreePietje Yeah, I agree. I mean initially didn't really get his vibe, personally. (I feel old saying that..) But I've come to be kinda favorable to his ways right now. But he works hard, that's for sure. And does good work.

I think there are (way too) many 'blaas kaken' among bitcoiners and he's pretty much the opposite (afaict ofc).
Humble, friendly and down-to-earth.
And when he sees someone having a (practical) problem (and he knows a possible solution), he'll go forth and put in the (sometimes extensive) work to make that happen.

The interviews he had on Marty Bent's show were great.

That I always enjoyed my conversations on :birdsite: with @bitcoinmom may also play a role.

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