“our customers are able to stitch historical anonymous data to 95% of their converted users–this is even in the last few weeks after all the Apple device and browser privacy updates.”


Fuck these people.

#SurveillanceCapitalism #PeopleFarming


Isn't it a good thing they say it out loud?
Everybody is/was already doing it and that's a/the (big) problem.
Any sense of morals appears to be completely absent with capitalism :-/

And people who believe that 'anonymous' (or 'anonymized') data exists, are delusional.
So I consider it a positive that someone sets the record straight.

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@FreePietje @aral Oh you can be anonymous, but it takes effort, more effort than should be necessary, and more effort that most people have time or willingness to do...

@FreePietje It’s always good when a Martin Shkreli pops up to make it impossible to ignore how horrible certain industries are, yes.

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