This is still one of my all time favorite talks:
Eben Moglen - Freedom in the Cloud (2010):

Eben Moglen is an incredibly gifted story teller with an impeccable analyses and an inspiring message.
And funny too.

"[FB is] *grossly* overpriced at spying-all-the-time. ... I'm not suggesting it should be illegal; It should be obsolete. We're technologists. We should fix it."

"Mr. Zuckerberg richly deserves bankruptcy. Let's give it to him.
For Free."

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Yes it's an hour. And it's totally worth it. All of it.

I seriously contemplated not adding any quotes, because you should see the whole talk to fully understand the context as which also makes the jokes better then they already are.
If only it weren't so true at the same time.

I didn't quote a line from that talk that stuck in my head ever since I first heard this talk, which likely was in 2010.

@FreePietje I think the Freedom in the Cloud talk still holds up today, although I am less confident that home servers will be something mass market unless we go entirely p2p. Things like getting a domain name, NAT issues and hostile ISPs are still too much of a barrier.

@bob I'm running Yunohost on a NUC and installing and maintaining it is child's play (even for me). I haven't tried Freedombox or Freedombone but I'm sure that installing them isn't rocket science either.

Perhaps the reason that it's not mass market is the same why people don't run Linux or don't use the Fediverse. Lack of marketing and even the slightest effort is too much for the general public.


@FreePietje I have watched it several times and even read the transcript for reference. Very influential. If only because it inspired the creators of Diaspora to start Diaspora.

@otso Thanks. Since the only working stream available seemed to be on the non-free Vimeo platform, something that seemed not appropriate, I took the liberty to make it available on PeerTube.


@ericbuijs @otso
I just DL-ed and that seems to work (at least the 1st minute).

What you should do at (esp when things don't work) is click on "Show All" in the download options. Then click on the XYZ_files.xml and look for a file element with source="original" and get that.
The original source file is the most likely to work because it has not been transcoded (a long time ago).

BTW, license seems to be CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 (not 4.0)

@FreePietje Thanks, BTW I know about 3.0 but that's not selectable on Peertube hence my choice for 4.0

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