Drew DeVault: "Android may be Linux in implementation, but it’s about as far from the spirit of free software as you can get."

#PostmarketOS #AlpineLinux #pmOS


Sorry but that is complete BS. Using Android in form of LineageOS is fully acceptable in terms of open sorce. Writing such bad things about Android will only press those who don't know towards Apple.
Linux on phones is fine for experts and experimental folks, but not for daily use.
And Postmaket uses (and has to use) vendor specific blobs just like Lineage must. I am sure the author knows this. That makes this article even worse.

@rudolf @mplammers It's not bs. He said "the spirit of free software", and dumping a bunch of code every release is not that in that spirit. Google accepts basically no outside contributions.


@bart @rudolf @mplammers
This is afaic the crux of Drew's point.

For me, FLOSS is about working *together* to make things better to empower the users of the software.
I think that's also what Drew means.

Android is wholly controlled by G👀gle for the benefit of G👀gle.
They have no interest in (furthering) the freedom of their users, quite the contrary.

I abandoned chromium as that has the same problem. While several projects try to remove the worst part of it, it'll always be a losing battle.

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