Drew makes so many great points on his blog.

"When your FOSS project chooses to use a non-free platform, you give it an official vote of confidence on behalf of your project. ... an investment in a non-free platform is also a divestment from the free alternatives."

"In short, choosing non-free platforms is an individualist, short-term investment which prioritizes your project’s apparent access to popularity over the success of the FOSS ecosystem as a whole."



Drew explicitly doesn't mention his own project/company, so I will:

For $20 a YEAR, you can be an 'Amateur Hacker' level supporter of his FULLY FLOSS platform.
If you believe in 'voting with your wallet', that's an excellent way to support and promote FLOSS alternatives.

There are also other plans for $50 or $100 although it currently doesn't provide extra features.
See sourcehut.org/pricing/ for details

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@FreePietje sourcehut is worth every buck imho. the sane build service alone is worth the money :)

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