I was using the YouTube app on Android yesterday. Hadn't used it in a long time. What a nightmare that has become. The home screen is filled with ads and shorts I don't care about. Not to mention the in-video ads. How can people stomach that. I'm so glad we have #Newpipe.


Haha! Some time ago I was at a friends place when they showed me a YT video playing on the TV.
I was astonished at what I saw and my first reaction was: "Do you have a virus on your TV?"

I very rarely see the ad-crap (even on YT itself) as (I guess) it's blocked by uBlock Origin and/or uMatrix.
But apparently they're used to that.

I was (literally) shaking my head as I can't/couldn't understand how one could accept that crap/nightmare 🤷

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@FreePietje @ericbuijs what’s worse is that when i tried to block the ads with the router, it just refuse to start (not a behavior on either the web or phone app)

I only (directly) watch YT things from my browser and I guess it's a combination of uBlock Origin and uMatrix with some exceptions (just enough to make it work) that makes my experience OK. Especially uMatrix is very context aware.

I still have to look into it (properly) but (ad) blockers on the whole network (ie router) level are much more blunt. I hope one can make it work in that way too, but I don't know (yet) how.


@FreePietje @ericbuijs I don’t even use YT on browser unless i need to comment on something, which is rarely the case :meowShrug:

@xarvos I stopped commenting since I need to be logged in for that. I suppose people can do without my comments on YT.😀


@FreePietje Nowadays I'm more withdrawn to the small web/web0/fediverse. Only visiting the big web when necessary and mostly website that are more or less trustworthy (Noscript and uBlock origin are my indicators for that).


@FreePietje Makes me wonder what what people are willing to accept from YT or any other ad-invested website before they start looking for alternatives.

I'm often saddened by the lack of tolerance in current society.

But that's apparently restricted to other people's viewpoints (etc).

The tolerance wrt these ads is something I have a hard time understanding 🤔

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