Just saw 2 toots about the EU wanting to pre-scan all your communication bc of the standard list (terrorism/serious crime/human trafficking/children; they went for the last one this time).

I used to boost those kind of toots...

But now I feel "why bother?"

They can't be so stupid to think it'll work.

So instead I'll share 2 Juice Media's Honest Government ads:
Ass Access

I guess we can add @EU_Commission to the list of America's bitches too


Another video I have on speed-dial as this shit repeats so often, is "Encryption: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver"

John even mentions the Clipper Chip explicitly. And also that there are 100s of alternatives to choose from (or create your own), so the criminals you'd like to stop ... guess what ... criminals break the law ... by definition ... so they'll just do it again.

Why is it always comedians that have to explain that to you as you won't listen to the experts?

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