Just saw 2 toots about the EU wanting to pre-scan all your communication bc of the standard list (terrorism/serious crime/human trafficking/children; they went for the last one this time).

I used to boost those kind of toots...

But now I feel "why bother?"

They can't be so stupid to think it'll work.

So instead I'll share 2 Juice Media's Honest Government ads:
Ass Access

I guess we can add @EU_Commission to the list of America's bitches too


The @EU_Commission has begun their propaganda with the classic "Won't someone think of the children" tactic.

I won't link to that toot/thread, but @rysiek shared a link to a great Wikipedia article about this BS argument, which I do want to share:

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The @EU_Commission proposal is completely useless as it hurts everyone as explained by @echo_pbreyer in patrick-breyer.de/en/posts/mes

h/t social.weho.st/@cryptpad/10833

Missing argument imo:
All this *useless* scanning wastes a lot of energy!
If we want to save the planet (hello ?!?) we should move towards using less energy, not more.
It'll also drain your phone's battery or we all have to buy new ones where this dystopian nightmare is implemented in hardware ...

@FreePietje @EU_Commission @echo_pbreyer @fiff

How many messages are sent in the EU every year?

Can we put an estimate on the cost of scanning one message?

I bet the result will be *scary*.

#chatcontrol #stasi #eco

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