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[admin] mastodon upgrade to v3.5.0 successful

[admin] will start the upgrade of mastodon to v3.5.0 in a bit, this includes an extra manual migration steps; the site may be offline for a bit

[admin] the server transition was completed; things should be somewhat faster now (while we're at it, mastodon was upgraded to v3.4.6), let us know if anything doesn't work that did before

[admin] we're planning to migrate services to a faster server over the feb 18+19 weekend; access to both mastodon and the matrix server may be offline for a while during that time

[admin] mastodon upgrade to v3.4.4 successful

[admin] mastodon might be slower or even offline for a bit while upgrading to v3.4.4

[admin] update was successful, we're back !

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[admin] x0f,org will be unreachable for a while today while the OS is being upgraded

[admin] mastodon upgrade to v3.1.4 successful

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PSA: reminder that also has a synapse/matrix server, if you're on here and interested in an address let me know

[admin] mastodon upgrade to v3.1.2 successful

[admin] mastodon upgrade to v3.0.0 successful !
an overview of changes can be found here

[admin] mastodon upgrade to v2.9.3 successful
changed can be found here:

[admin] mastodon upgrade to v2.9.2 successful

[admin] mastodon upgrade to v2.8.0 successful

[admin] mastodon upgrade to v2.6.3 successful

[admin] upgrade to v2.5.0 successful

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