BIP8 activation is dead because we can't agree on the value of LOT. We need another solution. That's the topic of my latest mailing list post - Making the case for flag day activation of taproot.

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.@chris_belcher_ took to the bitcoin-dev mailing list to announce progress on his CoinSwap implementation. Check out Teleport Transactions. Support the cause. And get us closer to borking chain analysis heuristics that reduce the privacy of bitcoiners.

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Takeaways from the #taproot activation discussion:
1. Unanimous support for BIP8. RIP BIP 9.
2. Overwhelming consensus that 1yr is correct timeout value (it's actually defined in blocks, so 26x2016 or maybe 87600).
3. Majority consensus for lockin false, though @lukedashjr strongly opposed.
4. No decision I could see on start time, but 2 months was done for segwit, and that didn't seem too objectionable.

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So @kristapsk and i just did presumably the first joinmarket coinjoin on signet:

(the ease of use of this testnet cf testnet3 will doubtless be very helpful to us and other projects ... even setting aside the new taproot stuff, which will obviously be important in the future).

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Bitcoin hodlers have another instance to join here.

Boost / repost this to reach more potential users and keep the fediverse distributed.

This instance is Pleroma with Soapbox. The web UI is pleasant and has a great one on one messenger that you won’t find on Mastodon. You can also use apps compatible with Mastodon and Pleroma.

Onion service available: 4jqv7gntqtwjqijamez7ikrioy7sezgeghr4idjtvhnwvn4ehdxryxad.onion

Not your keys, not your coins.

Not your seed, not your sats.

Not your words, not your wallet.

Not your phrase, not your funds.

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#Bitcoin #Taproot activation meeting on #IRC

Tuesday 2nd February 19:00 UTC

- BIP review (2 PRs)
- Code review (1 PR)
- Discussion of activation params & making a formal proposal (if we have time)

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My PGP fingerprint: 0A8B 038F 5E10 CC27 89BF CFFF EF73 4EA6 77F3 1129

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get the bitcoin whitepaper directly from the utxoset. This works on a pruned node:

seq 0 947 | (while read -r n; do bitcoin-cli gettxout 54e48e5f5c656b26c3bca14a8c95aa583d07ebe84dde3b7dd4a78f4e4186e713 $n | jq -r '.scriptPubKey.asm' | awk '{ print $2 $3 $4 }'; done) | tr -d '\n' | cut -c 17-368600 | xxd -r -p > bitcoin-test.pdf

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Added script to retrieve Bitcoin Whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto from the #Bitcoin blockchain itself to my bitcoin-scripts project. Based on old python code sample by
@jimmysong . Also thanks to
@Raindogdance for reminding of this in his tweet.

What can we do to increase PayJoin adoption? This is one great privacy tech that will be very important for helping bitcoin fulfil its potential as a permissionless money for the internet

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Bitcoin Optech newsletter #131 is here:

- describes proposed Bitcoin P2P message
- outlines BIP for the bech32 modified address format
- covers idea for preventing dual-funded channel UTXO probing
- summary of 'Add unit testing of node eviction logic' PR

In return Bob sent coins back to Alice.

Bob sent 0.0499 tBTC to Alice, again with the CoinSwap protocol and so those coins are possessed by Alice now. (0.0001 tBTC is the fee to incentivize Bob)

Multiple txes is needed to avoid amount correlation. Alice CoinSwaped 0.05 tBTC but nowhere on chain is the actual value 0.05 tBTC found, instead any surveillance spy would see random values. Surveillance spies would have a very hard time finding that the transactions are related at all

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A big day for bitcoin privacy and fungibility, the first ever multi-transaction CoinSwap on bitcoin testnet.

The user Alice sent 0.05 tBTC split up over three transactions.
These txes dont look particularly special (which is the point), but they are CoinSwaps.

Following the CoinSwap protocol, those coins are transferred off-chain in a non-custodial way to the market maker Bob. Even though the coin are unspent at the time of writing, they are unilaterally controlled by Bob.

I'm publishing my work diary following week-by-week all the work I do on bitcoin privacy. It may be interesting to anyone who wants to follow how my projects, such as CoinSwap, are going

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Sci-Hub used to accept donations via "centralized & regulated payment processors such as PayPal." Now it only accepts Bitcoin, presumably to "avoid banking blockades or government seizure"

This 2018 article explores how much bitcoin Sci-Hub has received:

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