Merged PR from adamjonas: test: Add testcase to simulate bitcoin schema in leveldb

Merged PR from practicalswift: tests: Add descriptor Parse(...) fuzzing harness

Merged PR from theStack: refactor: test/bench: dedup Build{Crediting,Spending}Transaction()

Merged PR from achow101: wallet: Only check the hash of transactions loaded from disk

Merged PR from JeremyCrookshank: gui: Improved tooltip for send amount field

Merged PR from fjahr: tests: Add test for loadblock option and linearize scripts

Merged PR from practicalswift: tests: Remove no longer needed UBSan suppressions (issues fixed). Add documentation.

Merged PR from practicalswift: ci: Enable address sanitizer (ASan) stack-use-after-return checking

Merged PR from MarcoFalke: wallet: Avoid showing GUI popups on RPC errors

Merged PR from fanquake: random: remove call to RAND_screen() (Windows only)

Merged PR from fanquake: build: only pass --disable-dependency-tracking to packages that understand it

Merged PR from fanquake: gui: remove OpenSSL PRNG seeding (Windows, Qt only)

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