Merged PR from sipa: Disallow extended encoding for non-witness transactions

Merged PR from luke-jr: Bugfix: test/functional/rpc_psbt: Remove check for specific error message that depends on uncertain assumptions

Merged PR from MarcoFalke: qa: Make swap_magic_bytes in p2p_invalid_messages atomic

Merged PR from practicalswift: Remove no-op CClientUIInterface::[signal_name]_disconnect. Disconnect BlockNotifyGenesisWait and RPCNotifyBlockChange properly.

Merged PR from kallewoof: wallet: add cachable amounts for caching credit/debit values

Merged PR from MarcoFalke: test: Add missing syncwithvalidationinterfacequeue to wallet_import_rescan

Merged PR from ariard: refactor: combine Chain::findFirstBlockWithTime/findFirstBlockWithTimeAndHeight

Merged PR from 251Labs: Resolve the checkpoints <-> validation circular dependency

Merged PR from sdaftuar: [0.18] Revert GetData randomization change (#14897)

Merged PR from MarcoFalke: doc: Remove upgrade note in release notes from EOL versions

Merged PR from fanquake: qt: update request payment button text and tab description

Merged PR from r8921039: [doc] remove out-of-date comment on pay-to-witness support

Merged PR from luke-jr: Bugfix: GUI: Options: Initialise prune setting range before loading current value, and remove upper bound limit

Merged PR from jamesob: tests: fix outdated include in blockfilter_index_tests

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