Merged PR from droark: docs: Slight tweak to the verify-commits script directions

Merged PR from merland: docs: Add info about factors that affect dependency list

Merged PR from Sjors: [test] functional: allow custom cwd, use tmpdir as default

Merged PR from jonasschnelli: Use a single wallet batch for UpgradeKeyMetadata

Merged PR from instagibbs: Remove manual byte editing in wallet_tx_clone func test

Merged PR from gmaxwell: Update assumevalid, minimumchainwork, and getchaintxstats to height 563378

Merged PR from ken2812221: msvc: scripted-diff: Remove NDEBUG pre-define in project file

Merged PR from harding: [Doc] add missing newline to listunspent help for witnessScript

Merged PR from harding: [Doc] importmulti: add missing description of keypool option

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