Merged PR from jnewbery: p2p: Signal support for compact block filters with NODE_COMPACT_FILTERS

Merged PR from jonasschnelli: Reduce cs_main lock accumulation during GUI startup

Merged PR from achow101: rpc: separate bumpfee's psbt creation function into psbtbumpfee

Merged PR from jnewbery: [rpc] Allow RPC to fetch all addrman records and add records to addrman

Merged PR from amitiuttarwar: [net] Cleanup logic around connection types

Merged PR from theStack: refactor: test: use throwaway _ variable for unused loop counters

Merged PR from sdaftuar: Deduplicate parent txid loop of requested transactions and missing parents of orphan transactions

Merged PR from vasild: lib: fix a compiler warning: unused GetDevURandom()

Merged PR from hebasto: build: Drop ancient hack in gitian-linux descriptor

Merged PR from Empact: test: Wait for 'cmpctblock' in p2p_compactblocks when it is expected

Merged PR from MarcoFalke: test: Wait until is_connected in add_p2p_connection

Merged PR from instagibbs: Restore test case for p2p transaction blinding

Merged PR from Crypt-iQ: build: make clean removes .gcda and .gcno files from fuzz directory

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