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[bitcoin] Merged PR from willcl-ark: test: p2p_invalid_block: Check that a block rejected due to too-new tim…

[bitcoin] Merged PR from dongcarl: guix: Overhaul how guix-{attest,verify} works and hierarchy

[bitcoin] Merged PR from Sjors: Enable external signer support by default, reduce

[bitcoin] Merged PR from MarcoFalke: build: Disable deprecated-copy warning only when external warnings are enabled

[bitcoin] Merged PR from sipsorcery: Switch Appveyor CI to VS2019 stable image

[bitcoin] Merged PR from hebasto: refactor: Make CAddrMan::cs non-recursive

[bitcoin] Merged PR from jonatack: p2p: update inbound eviction protection for multiple networks, add I2P peers

[bitcoin] Merged PR from hebasto: build: Fix MSVC linker /SubSystem option for bitcoin-qt.exe

[bitcoin] Merged PR from sipsorcery: Update msvc and appveyor builds to use Qt5.12.11 binaries

[bitcoin] Merged PR from MarcoFalke: fuzz: Call const member functions in addrman fuzz test only once

[bitcoin] Merged PR from theStack: test: refactor: dedup utility function chain_transaction()

[bitcoin] Merged PR from prayank23: Remove `Warning:` from warning message printed for unknown new rules

[bitcoin] Merged PR from achow101: Allow tr() import only when Taproot is active

[bitcoin] Merged PR from jonatack: doc: update, release notes with removal of tor v2 support

[bitcoin] Merged PR from MarcoFalke: refactor: Pass block reference instead of pointer to PeerManagerImpl::BlockRequested

[bitcoin] Merged PR from vasild: addrman: improve performance by using more suitable containers

[bitcoin] Merged PR from ryanofsky: refactor: Rearrange fillPSBT arguments

[bitcoin] Merged PR from dongcarl: [Bundle 7/7] validation: Farewell, global Chainstate!

[bitcoin] Merged PR from ryanofsky: refactor: Make SetupServerArgs callable without NodeContext

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