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Merged PR from jonatack: net, test: invalid p2p messages and test framework improvements

Merged PR from laanwj: refactor: Replace HexStr(o.begin(), o.end()) with HexStr(o)

Merged PR from MarcoFalke: test: Check that peers with forcerelay permission are not asked to feefilter

Merged PR from jonatack: rpc, cli, test: add bitcoin-cli -generate command

Merged PR from jnewbery: [tools] Update clang-format config for multi-line function declarations and calls

Merged PR from Sjors: [rpc] don't automatically append inputs in walletcreatefundedpsbt

Merged PR from Empact: Disallow automatic conversion between disparate hash types

Merged PR from achow101: wallet: Skip hdKeypath of 'm' when determining inactive hd seeds

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