Bitcoin Optech newsletter #205 is here:

- describes a proposed option for Bitcoin Core that would make it easier to enable transaction replacement even for transactions that don’t opt-in to BIP125
- links to information about the Hertzbleed sidechannel vulnerability
- summarizes the conclusion of a discussion about time stamping system design
- examines a new anti-sybil protocol that uses Bitcoin UTXOs
- summarizes changes to services and client software

Two pull requests have been opened to add support to Bitcoin Core for full Replace By Fee (RBF) as an option that is off by default. If enabled, any unconfirmed transaction in that node’s mempool could be replaced by an alternative version of that transaction which pays a higher feerate (among other rules)...

A recently disclosed security vulnerability affecting many (perhaps all) popular laptop, desktop, and server CPU processors may allow attackers to discover private keys when those keys are being used to create signatures for Bitcoin transactions (or perform other similar operations)...

A protracted debate on the Bitcoin-Dev mailing list about the design of the Bitcoin-based Open Timestamps (OTS) system seemed to conclude this week. The source of the debate appears to have been the existence of two different designs for time stamping systems...


Adam “Waxwing” Gibson posted to the Bitcoin-Dev mailing list a proposal for an anti-sybil mechanism that uses the Bitcoin UTXO set and which can provide reasonably good privacy. A user can generate a list of UTXOs where one of the UTXOs belongs to the user and the rest belong to other users...

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Changes to services and client software:

- Zeus adds taproot support
- Wasabi Wallet 2.0 released
- Sparrow adds taproot hardware signing

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