Bitcoin Optech newsletter #214 is here:

- links to the overview of a guide about channel jamming attacks
- summarizes several updates to a PR for silent payments
- summarizes changes to services and client software
- adds a silent payments topic
- Optech Newsletter #214 Recap on Twitter Spaces

Antoine Riard and Gleb Naumenko announced to the Lightning-Dev mailing list that they’ve published a guide to channel jamming attacks and several proposed solutions...

woltx posted to the Bitcoin-Dev mailing list that the PR to Bitcoin Core for silent payments has been updated. Silent payments provide an address that can be reused by different spenders without creating a link between those spends that’s observable onchain...

Changes to services and client software:

- adds Lightning support
- Proof of concept coinjoin implementation joinstr
- Coldcard firmware 5.0.6 released
- Nunchuk adds taproot support


Silent payments are a type of payment that can be made to a unique onchain address for every payment even though the receiver provided the spender with a reusable (offchain) address...

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Bitcoin Optech will be hosting an audio recap discussion of this newsletter with Murch, Schmidty, nvk, and Antoine Riard on Twitter Spaces Thursday at 15:00 UTC. Join us to discuss or ask questions!

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