Bitcoin Optech newsletter #215 is here:

- describes a proposal for a standardized wallet label export format
- summarizes popular questions and answers from Bitcoin Stack Exchange
- Optech Newsletter #215 Recap on Twitter Spaces

Craig Raw posted to the Bitcoin-Dev mailing list a proposed BIP to standardize the format wallets use to export labels for their addresses and transactions...


Selected Q&A from Bitcoin Stack Exchange:

- Why isn’t it possible to add an OP_RETURN commitment (or some arbitrary script) inside a taproot script path with a descriptor?
- Why does Bitcoin Core rebroadcast transactions?
- When did Bitcoin Core deprecate the mining function?
- UTXO spendable by me or deposit to exchange after 5 years?
- What was the bug for the Bitcoin value overflow in 2010?

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Bitcoin Optech will be hosting an audio recap discussion of this newsletter with Murch, Schmidty, and Craig Raw on Twitter Spaces Thursday at 15:00 UTC. Join us to discuss or ask questions!

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