PSA: is a thing now.

Awaiting one for RISC-V :D (or the whole “be the change” deal). ARM64 also in progress looks like it!

So like, besides the ETH stuff, is close to ready for prime time? Because GitHub is down again… :(

I’m leaving Luno next Monday after 3 years. On to new things and spending more time learning and doing stuff I’ve always wanted to.

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[admin] we're planning to migrate services to a faster server over the feb 18+19 weekend; access to both mastodon and the matrix server may be offline for a while during that time

The official mastodon mobile app is pretty slick

So Twitter is down lol.

In other news, suggestions for best personal project management tools?

I want to do stuff like tracking self-learning and generally non-code stuff. For the code stuff GitHub/GitLab obviously makes sense.

Bonus points for FOSS

The omicron symptom I like to call “cactus in throat”… 🌵

Lightning and (Social) Grill ⚡️🌶

It’s always the gems that accept bitcoin around here. Gotta make that everyone 🔜

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