Hello Twitter.
How do I get my first colony after building the Beehive?
In the Internet I can only find various sometimes contradictory claims including:

* Buy one
* Ask a beekeeper in your city for one
* They come automatically in Spring

Studying DNS, thought that it was easier than it actually is.

TIL about Golangs goroutines. They seem interesting to me after regular frustration of kqueue(2) and epoll(2)

Is C89 really a good choice for portability? It has the widest compiler support on one hand but lacks compatibility features like wchar, threads and fixed width integers on the other?

Someone knows why struct timespec uses signed integers?

Goodbye GitHub 👋
Youtube-dl is a legitimate tool with a world of a lawful uses. Demanding its removal from Github is a disappointing and counterproductive move by the RIAA. github.com/github/dmca/blob/ma

I just randomly found a way to support fixed width integers in any version of C:

Already excited for a probably better valgrind as well as a better amdgpu driver!

I'm not sure if this should make me happy or anxious
RT @felangelov
Is this the future? VSCode in my browser with @github 👀🚀✨

I just felt in love with tcc! No longer the accidental use of GNU C or C99 extensions 😌

Please review and test!
Especially reviewing the first commit is very very important. Also anyone who uses curl regularly can do this. No C knowledge required!
RT @bagder
curl's --help is targeted to get a huge overhaul,. See @emilengler's PR github.com/curl/curl/pull/5680 that's getting really close to landing.

Maybe it'll feel a little less intimidating in the future?

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