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Here are my New Year’s resolutions for 2020:

- More OpenBSD (2020 should become my OpenBSD year)
- More Bitcoin Core contributions
- More cURL contributions
- Better knowledge on exploits and prevention
- Run an (active) blog.
- Get more active
- Go to the 37c3

Too bad that GitHub notifications on the website always redirect to a commit hash of the PR instead of HEAD~1 of the PR. Then a forced-pushed branch (which is common in PRs) gives you the message that nothing was found

TIL that in ZSH you can go to a directory without entering "cd"

I now watch on GitHub to hopefully get more active there

Maybe Git should get an upgrade now
Exploit Fully Breaks SHA-1, Lowers the Attack Bar: via @threatpost

Exploit Fully Breaks SHA-1, Lowers the Attack Bar: via is an awesome site. You can create good looking PGP cards with it which are awesome for key signing parties.

Didn’t knew DDG is crediting Peppermint OS when searching for it

A bit weird that the build system configuration takes sometimes longer than the compilation itself

It's with great sadness that our friends at Peppermint have announced the death of PCNetSpec, aka Mark Greaves. My thoughts are with the family and IRL friends of Mark as they come to terms with his death.
He was a great chap to be with in the community 💔

[wip] build: Switch from C++11 to C++17

Already awesome work by! The end of boost::filesystem is near! 😁

The new FF vulnerability makes me thing about running it sandboxed or as another user

is anyone still using the binaries for 32-bit x86 linux?
if you do, please let us know—the current idea is to phase them out in the not-so-distant future

Tor Browser 9.0.4 is out now.

This release fixes a critical security issue in Firefox: CVE-2019-17026.

Why are so many in the fediverse against crossposting?
Why does the source of origin matter? The content matters!

Nothing is more unsatisfying than a change in an important header file so that nearly the entire codebase is getting recompiled :/

(Working on bitcoin/src/util/system.h)

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