You feel his frustration inside the article IMO
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Andrew Lee has taken away access to most channels that mentioned "libera" in their topic. Just in case you had any doubts remaining on his intentions.

Finally got the bees into the box for good. Nothing is more frustrating than repeating that action every day and seeing them walk outside again like this after a few hours.

curl-up 2021 done for this year! Was fun to see and to talk to all those faces behind the GitHub avatars and IRC nicks in real time.

Hopefully we will see us next year in real life. For now I'll continue enjoying the sunny day 🤗

While talking about seccomp, I am realizing allowing every single syscall manually is the wrong approach. Permitting standardized categories is way better. Why? Cause different libc's use different syscalls for the same function creating an unportability
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@orionwl Landlock is a great improvement compared to seccomp although they have different purposes but the same same overall goal.
Landlocks API looks way more usable…

Number one step in order to write better code is to stop writing code!

Reviewing and reading code from acknowledged high quality FOSS projects is probably the most efficient (and altruistic) way to become better.

GitHub - nothings/single_file_libs: List of single-file C/C++ libraries.

Hello Twitter.
How do I get my first colony after building the Beehive?
In the Internet I can only find various sometimes contradictory claims including:

* Buy one
* Ask a beekeeper in your city for one
* They come automatically in Spring

Studying DNS, thought that it was easier than it actually is.

TIL about Golangs goroutines. They seem interesting to me after regular frustration of kqueue(2) and epoll(2)

Is C89 really a good choice for portability? It has the widest compiler support on one hand but lacks compatibility features like wchar, threads and fixed width integers on the other?

Someone knows why struct timespec uses signed integers?

Goodbye GitHub 👋
Youtube-dl is a legitimate tool with a world of a lawful uses. Demanding its removal from Github is a disappointing and counterproductive move by the RIAA.

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