I'm not sure if this should make me happy or anxious
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Is this the future? VSCode in my browser with @github 👀🚀✨

I just felt in love with tcc! No longer the accidental use of GNU C or C99 extensions 😌

Please review and test!
Especially reviewing the first commit is very very important. Also anyone who uses curl regularly can do this. No C knowledge required!
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curl's --help is targeted to get a huge overhaul,. See @emilengler's PR github.com/curl/curl/pull/5680 that's getting really close to landing.

Maybe it'll feel a little less intimidating in the future?

TIL that there is a way to serve HTTPS over the same port as HTTP


LockPickingLawyer is a really cool YouTube channel. He also deos videos about vulnerabilities of NFC/RFID chips youtube.com/channel/UCm9K6rby9

Reporters Without Borders uses Minecraft to sneak censored works across borders tcrn.ch/38PXG5X

Piping "tree -f" with grep is really useful to find a file

I like the feeling when my mouse is hot because the sun shined all the day on it.

Are there mouses with built-in heaters?

Someone knows a quick start to GNU autotools? I don't have the time to read the entire manual

I often forget how useful "apt build-dep" is.

Academic researches should be under a free license anyway. Sciene shouldn’t be commercialized
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If a (useful) paper is behind a paywall with no public version available, I have an ethical obligation to find a non-public version and make it public because research paywalls are a restrictive bind on the potential of humanity. twitter.com/random_walker/stat

I sometimes need regtest addresses which aren't in my wallet. Instead of restarting it to generate addreses and then wipe the wallet I made a list with some random addresses plus their privkeys if someone needs it: blog.emilengler.com/2020/03/06

I wish the @github@twitter.com web interface for pull requests would display the parent commit of the first commit in a pull request. Would make it much easier to calculate the average time necessary to compile with ccache.

Reviewing github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pul for todays @BitcoinCorePRs@twitter.com session now! Feel free to participate!

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