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Here are my New Year’s resolutions for 2020:

- More OpenBSD (2020 should become my OpenBSD year)
- More Bitcoin Core contributions
- More cURL contributions
- Better knowledge on exploits and prevention
- Run an (active) blog.
- Get more active
- Go to the 37c3

I'm curious if it’s a better idea if the first "argument" of typedef should be the alias rather than the original element. This would make it easier to already use the alias when (and if) defining the object directly in the statement

C and C++ is like Chess and Draughts. Only the board is the same

‪Rust ownership is an awesome feature especially the fact that I don’t need to check if a new allocated variable was allocated successfully and if not free everything.‬
‪This pretty much reduces my code by 90%. While thinking about it, maybe a void* linked list with all alloced vars in C had been a good choice as well🤔‬

Already exited for the new OpenBSD release tomorrow :)

Please stop using VPN service providers to achieve privacy. We already have Tor. File sharing is most likely the only exception in my opinion.

Me: hates bloat
Also me: apt install texlive-full

TIL/noticed that it is a copyright violation if you ship binaries which are statically linked to a libc or libstd without giving proper credit to it and/or not including a copy of the license (MIT License in my case)
We need more public domain software...

Alright guys, the party is over. See you in another 4 years!
RT @lukedashjr
block 629999 is mined!
The "" scheduled in 2009 to halve the block subsidy is now active!


I feel that GH turns into an operating system
RT @kelseyhightower
Get the full Visual Studio Code experience without leaving @github. The dopiness potential is 🤯

Searching for a function to lookup it's documentation and the first results are onyl errors related to it doesn't give me good hopes...

Finally found time to read "The Rust Programming Language" from Steve Klabnik and Carol Nichols

Writing a wrapper for OpenBSD pledge(2) to Linux seccomp(2)

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