Why are so many in the fediverse against crossposting?
Why does the source of origin matter? The content matters!

@emil i think it's just that so much content auto-crossposted from twitter tends to be junk

@emil and a lot of people have set up a cross-post bot once but don't interact here, that's also pretty annoying

@orionwl But why they even follow me then? I already lost (I believe 2) followers only because of the fact that I crosspost

@emil dunno
*personally* i don't think there's anything wrong with cross-posting your own top-level messages if you're interacting on the platform
(thing like retweets and responses can be annoying though, especially if they're completely out of context here)

@orionwl @emil

It's an interesting one. I crosspost from twitter *occasionally* (like < 5%) because I feel like the main point of this place is to be independent of sites like twitter; but otoh some people auto-cross post and I can see their point of view (they're just interested in disseminating the information).

I don't see too big of an issue; for those whom getting twitter content here is obnoxious somehow, they can just stop following accounts that do it. Seems over the top to me.

@waxwing @orionwl @emil I wonder when people will stop allowing Jack Dorsey to monetize their information.
It seems so basic, informational hygiene, yet I see very smart people support this type of panopticon with nary an objection.
I've never had a Twitter account, and I doubt I ever will. Its about as abhorrent to me as installing a mic-and-speaker "smart" agent in my home.

@TallTim @waxwing @orionwl @emil all good points... in addition, on twitter one is able to block much (unfortunately not all) of the undesired stuff with the muted words feature... afaik we don't have that possibility here, though it's been less of an issue so i haven't looked into it either

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