I honestly find the idea of a decentralized GitHub not that clever. We already have git for this

@emil I mean, it always depends on the implementation - versioning on the Blockchain? Hell no... But federation for Users, Forks & PRs between GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, Gitea instances like Codeberg or Notabug, and so on? To be independent from a single company? Hell yeah!

@momar git is pretty much something that falls under the definition of a blockchain. I personally would prefer that every project would host its own source platform. At least bigger, more important projects should do so

@emil @momar I'm not exactly sure what you are referring to, but I think the idea of decentralized identity integration into these source platforms, so that you don't need to register a separate account to file a bug with rando FLOSS project 571890 is very very valuable. Already I pretty much don't interact with any projects over IRC that aren't on freenode.

@emil No? Ever tried to contribute to any project that's not on GitHub? You'll quickly understand it.

Every person with common sense can understand that it's not healthy that 95% of open-source software is hosted by a single company. Especially not if that company makes money by selling closed-source software.

But hosting your code yourself is just super annoying.

@emil I am a very active open-source contributor, I submit patches to at least one random new project every week. And no, I don't want to create an account on I don't want to chose a password for that account that I won't be using ever again. I also don't want to use the same password I use on all those hundreds of accounts elsewhere.

I just want to be able to submit my change and have it over with. If they're on GitHub, I can do that. It takes about 2 minutes.

@emil For any other hosted thing, it's annoying because of the things I mentioned. I usually just don't do it.

@emil And on the flipside, I host almost 50 repositories on GitHub right now. I wouldn't want to know what happens if GitHub suddenly becomes paid. Or if they go offline for a day. For work I also primarily use GitHub. If GitHub goes down (happened a few times the last 2 months), we just can't collaborate for the day.

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