Didn’t knew DDG is crediting Peppermint OS when searching for it

.@orionwl@twitter.com When wishes become true :)

Also happy new (hopefully python2 free) year to everyone :-)
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@@orionwl@twitter.comer wishful thinking 😀

Just did a HTTPS request through the Bitcoin Core RPC web server!!! Draft PR for this will follow soon once I got the build system working fine.

I like the new article if the day on the german wikipedia =D

Danke für euer Vertrauen :-)
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Das der @Piratenpartei hat Verstärkung erhalten. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Wahl an Omar Sarsam, Phil Höfer (@echo_phoefer) und Emil Engler (@emilengler).


I had never thought that I would need such a way to debug in a language that isn't JS

GNU/Linux does not credit all the other applicatien suits like GNOME, LAMP etc. Therefore I don't say GNU/Linux

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