Most likely empty lines
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good diff, would patch again.

Getting into recursive descent parsers

TIL that .onion domains can have subdomains but they are HTTP only

My website is now accessible through a Hidden Service v3 again, hashed pubkey is on the website itself

I think I'll be using the "<=" operator rather than "<" in for loops from now on. It's probably easier to avoid minus 1 logic errors then

I wish would support more CC licenses including CC0

Reading The BitTorrent Specification (BEP 3)

Today, 1 year ago, made his first commit to Bitcoin Core. Thank you for one year of service and for hosting the PR club!
I am gladly looking forward to another year 🍾

I want a unix dict file, so I started looking at GNU aspell. I downloaded the language and now I need to COMPILE THE FILE!!!
Can they jsut give me the plaintext dict...

Pro tip: Buy your Club Mate in sellers for bars and stores. I got 20 0.5l Clib Mate bottles for 12.5€ there

TIL that there is a way to serve HTTPS over the same port as HTTP

LockPickingLawyer is a really cool YouTube channel. He also deos videos about vulnerabilities of NFC/RFID chips

Reporters Without Borders uses Minecraft to sneak censored works across borders

Piping "tree -f" with grep is really useful to find a file

I like the feeling when my mouse is hot because the sun shined all the day on it.

Are there mouses with built-in heaters?

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