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Someone knows a quick start to GNU autotools? I don't have the time to read the entire manual

I often forget how useful "apt build-dep" is.

Academic researches should be under a free license anyway. Sciene shouldn’t be commercialized
RT @SarahJamieLewis
If a (useful) paper is behind a paywall with no public version available, I have an ethical obligation to find a non-public version and make it public because research paywalls are a restrictive bind on the potential of humanity.

I sometimes need regtest addresses which aren't in my wallet. Instead of restarting it to generate addreses and then wipe the wallet I made a list with some random addresses plus their privkeys if someone needs it:

I wish the web interface for pull requests would display the parent commit of the first commit in a pull request. Would make it much easier to calculate the average time necessary to compile with ccache.

Reviewing for todays session now! Feel free to participate!

I'm now trying to do active blogging.
You can check it out here. I also imported some older posts:

IMO using a port that is not 22 for SSH is as important as using SSH keys

Doing my first steps with libnfc now.
Anyone has some good guides or examples to start with?

Doing my first steps with libnfc now.
Anyone has some good guides or examples to start with?

TIL that ZSH has alias support which allows defining commands into one program name instead of creating a shell script in the $PATH

Already excited foe tomorrow. Was offline the entire week becuase it has been really busy. However I'm dcared opening my E-Mail inbox and read my GitHub notifications

Going to my first offline Wikipedia bar meeting now

Just cleaning my mailbox. Looks like half of my messages were some test message s to test certain mail accounts

Finally found some time to review a Pull Request!
Hello "Replace std::to_string with locale-independent alternative #18134" in bitcoin/bitcoin by Empact

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