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After my old server went down, I re-installed some bitcoin related mirrors and other stuff

My E-E-Mail is going to be unavailable for the next hour or two. Mail server maintenance. Wish me luck...

I'm writing a C++ server as an HTTP backend now. I never thought it would be a good idea but it just works fine

Interesting, my computer wants to die for a few seconds after a 4 core make process finishes on an 8 core CPU.
Probably because 4 of the 8 cores are just virtual but I'm not familiar with CPU design.

I ordered a customized Lenovo ThinkPad E595 with just an built-in extra HDD on Tuesday. It still wasn’t shipped so far. Why is plugging in an HDD such a long process? Beside the cMOS battery and the RAM it is the 3rd easiest thing todo...

Just installed an OpenBSD server and I instantly got SSH requests from China

Jan 2 01:55:25 vs1 sshd[45836]: Failed password for root from port 37961 ssh2

Luckily a "grep Accepted /var/log/authlog" only showed my IP.

I need to read GNU source code, the year starts great :/

Welcome to 2020, time to update license headers When wishes become true :)

Also happy new (hopefully python2 free) year to everyone :-)
RT @orionwl
@@orionwl@twitter.comer wishful thinking 😀

Wish PHP had a 'pass' keyword like python does.

Here are my New Year’s resolutions for 2020:

- More OpenBSD (2020 should become my OpenBSD year)
- More Bitcoin Core contributions
- More cURL contributions
- Better knowledge on exploits and prevention
- Run an (active) blog.
- Get more active
- Go to the 37c3

Scrolling through 150 commits to get stuff for a release note...

Nothing is more annoying than the Oh My ZSH update notifications. You wanna open a terminal, start typing and then you notice that you aren't typing in the actual CMD parser.

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