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[gui] Merged PR from hebasto: Replace disambiguation strings with translator comments

[gui] Merged PR from jarolrod: Peers Window rename 'Peer id' to 'Peer'

[gui] Merged PR from hebasto: qt: Optimize string concatenation by default

[gui] Merged PR from promag: Early subscribe core signals in transaction table model

[gui] Merged PR from jarolrod: test: Use QSignalSpy instead of QEventLoop

[gui] Merged PR from jarolrod: set shortcuts for console's resize buttons

[gui] Merged PR from jarolrod: Don't clear console prompt when font resizing

[gui] Merged PR from prayank23: Remove user input from URI error message

[gui] Merged PR from hebasto: Save/restore RPCConsole geometry only for window

[gui] Merged PR from hebasto: refactor: Use template function qOverload in signal-slot connections

[gui] Merged PR from hebasto: Do not use QObject::tr plural syntax for numbers with a unit symbol

[gui] Merged PR from RandyMcMillan: Peertableview alternating row colors

[gui] Merged PR from luke-jr: Enable changing the autoprune block space size in intro dialog

[gui] Merged PR from promag: refactor: Simplify SendCoinsDialog::updateCoinControlState

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